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Tips for playing Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Tips and Tricks

This is a collection from personal experience and info I have found in other posts.

I will be updating this as ideas come up or from your feedback.

Stash / Inventory

Fallout 76 Outfits

  • Junk to look for scraping
  • To help you find specific junk that has components you need go to: Pip-Boy > Items > Junk > select “Component Mode” this will show you what the junk you have will break down into. You can mark those components and in the world items that break down into it will highlight.
  • If you mark for search from a workbench, it only searches for what you are missing from the crafting option.
  • There are 2 types of storage – Inventory and Personal Stash (C.A.M.P.)
  • Personal Stash – MAX Storage – 400
  • This limit is shared with any container placed in your camp. Those containers are purely cosmetic.
  • No one can steal from your stash. But anyone can use your stash box to access their own stash
  • Stash maintenance – Break down Junk before putting in stash it will save space.
  • Tinkerer workbench – Bulk – creates a bundle of the specific material in question so you can sell to vendor… doesn’t appear to make it take less space. You do gain exp while bulking but not a large amount. Better to save your plastic.
  • Scrap everything you’re not using. Scrapped junk and weapons take up less space in the storage. Also when you scrap weapons you can learn new mods to craft for them.
  • If your stash is full, everything broken down and bundled, and all you have is your stash box, use camp to build workbenches, other structures, and gun turrets, or just sell off half the junk item you have the most of and obviously don’t need for caps.
  • Ammo / Food / Meds take up space / weight. If your not going to use it, it may be wiser to break it down or leave it behind.
  • Power Armor – loaded with full armor weights the same in your inventory as power armor with no armor.
  • At some point your Stash is going to be full, and you are going to wonder what to do. Look into your stash, and notice those huge stacks (1500) of Steel, Wood, and cloth. Leave about 200 in stash and do some crafting with the rest, or bundle it to sell to a vendor.
  • Vendor – be careful when selling equipment to vendor. If it’s damaged it sells for 0 caps, and you are not able to purchase it back.

Food / Drink

  • Food will rot. Eat it fresh or cook it, cooked food will rot slower.
  • Canned food does not rot.
  • Rotten Food can be converted to Fertilizer in Chemistry kit.
  • Need Adhesive – Plant mutfruit, tato, and corn. Build water pump purifier.
  • When you place a garden it takes a while for the crops to grow. When the plants go back into your C.A.M.P inventory like when you move the timer is reset. So make sure you’re going to be in a area for a long time before you place down your crops.
  • Water – Hand pump and first level purifier only need dirt to place. 2nd and 3rd tier purifiers must be placed in water. All purifiers need power.


  • Read the legend (at the bottom) on every single screen.
  • Wanted – Kill a wanted person they can come back and revenge on you. (I disagree with this ability, but it’s just an FYI.)
  • Lock your doors – If someone picks your lock they are flagged as Wanted. Turrets will attack, and other players can as well.
  • Sleeping in a bed will heal you so it saves your healing supplies, but if it’s a matress or sleeping bag you can contract diseases.
  • Build a bed that is off of the ground to avoid diseases.
  • Empty power armor still provides base str of 10 and decent resists. However also uses cores, so if you find one early you can strip off the armor and can still use it.
  • power armor frames can be picked up stored in you inventory.
  • bobble-heads and magazines are not permanent they only provide a short buff.
  • many if not most of the guns, recipes, armor, Recipes, and other various other items spawned in world are randomized, and will be different from what you see on various you tubes, stream, and walk-through. This is by design and is not a bug.
  • Scavenger Perk is not passive. It has to be activated on appropriate containers (Y on controller).
  • Chemistry Workbench – Diluting stem-packs / rad-away in early game can be of more benefit. It doubles your quantity but lowers amount healed.
  • You can harvest wood from fallen logs.
  • Thrown weapons that miss can be recovered after being thrown.
  • You must go into Notes and read all recipes and plans before you can use them.
  • Not all creatures with a red name will attack.
  • Some Perks give extra chance to get better / additional items. Pharma Farma does Meds / Chems give a chance of extra from First Aid boxes, Chem Boxes, Medicine Cabinets, Doctor Bags etc.
  • Favorite wheel – bring it up and there is an edit option.
  • You can increase FOV in 3rd person by holding middle mouse button and dragging the mouse back.
  • Don’t want to PvP by accidentally hitting / shooting another player not in your group? Turn on passive mode in your game settings. You cannot damage anoter player when that is turned on. Yes, they can still do slap damage to you.
  • Vats – When first brining it up wait a second before shooting… it takes a moment for the software to kick in and give you a better than 0% chance of hitting.

C.A.M.P. / Building

  • C.A.M.P.
  • When moving camp everything that was up is stored.
  • Saved structure goes to “Stored”, and blueprints won’t use stored items (blueprints aren’t needed for re-camping, it’s really just to save something and build more of the same).
  • Basically, if you build all your items upon a “foundation” or flooring, it will be stored as a single “build” for easy redeployment. So you could still technically move your camp with “less” hassle. You can still “copy and paste”, but you got to be smarter with it.

  • Budget accounts for everything that is deployed and stored.
  • When moving your C.A.M.P it costs 12 caps. It will not let you move your camp if you have less than (I think) 50 caps.
  • After moving your camp, you can move the C.A.M.P device out of the center of your area.
  • You can change to windows or doors by scrolling over to the first wall in the menu and changing it with the d pad.
  • Works for other items you have stored, lets you rebuild it without resources.
  • When rebuilding you can change variant – If you placed a wall but want to change it to a windowed wall.
  • Turrets
  • Build turrets. Creatures can spawn on you while building.
  • Place turrets up high and try to give them the best LOS (line of sight).
  • Do not put turrets too close together, one grenade can take them all out.
  • Once you have enough turrets outside your base put some indoors. Creatures can get in your buildings.
  • On PC, hold E to be able to translate whatever you’re holding with your mouse. While holding E, hold C to move the object up and down with the mouse.
  • Do not miss E, hit R and try to immediately go back to E. You’ll regret it.
  • For security do not put windows on ground floor. Put them on upper stories and it gives you access to shoot out of the building but keeps you having the high ground.
  • Make sure to build the basic resource and modification tables. You can do a lot of helpful stuff like mod and repair your weapons.
  • Placing large structures is very finicky. A 3×4 structure needs a fair amount of flat ground to place.
  • When placing chairs, test then to see which direction your character exits them. You may find yourself phasing through walls.
  • When building a second floor, you may find yourself unable to move certain pieces with the error “cannot move object as it will make part of the structure inaccessible.” This is often a pain in the ass. There’s a certain 2×1 staircase that loves to become immovable unless you delete your entire structure. With that being said, fret not. There is always some order you can delete stuff in to eventually get to the piece you want to move. If you really get into building, this and “selected object is floating” will be the bane of your existence.
  • Damaged structures – If you store them and put them back out they will be full health.
  • Encase your generators in walls if you’re even a little worried about them getting attacked. Be it by NPC or another player.
  • Roofing and flooring are two different items. For multi-story building you must use flooring for each floor. Don’t use roofing as a floor
  • When placing a floor piece on top of a roof piece, you will always select the roof piece first. Store/scrap it so you can edit the floor.
  • Often times the game won’t let you place certain things very close to the wall. Sometimes you can store the wall, place the object where you want and then the wall may snap back into place.
  • Even if you’re not a big builder type, just having 4 walls and a roof over your head can make all the difference.


  • Claiming workshops provides you with some plans. My first workshop gave me a tier 1 water purifier plan.
  • Workshops do not work like your C.A.M.P. Leaving the server will make you lose ownership.
  • Whatever you build in a workshop is not permanent. Unlike your C.A.M.P, where everything is stored when you move, you lose everything in the workshop. You will have to spend resources to rebuild.
  • Building in a Workshop can and will use resources in your Stash. Don’t think all that stuff you built is resource free.
  • That being said, workshops supply you with resources over time for you to use.
  • Workshops also seem to have a bigger building budget.


  • You get 1 SPECIAL per level till 50. You can only put a max of 15 per SPECIAL.
  • Strength: Affects how much you can carry, and the damage of your melee attacks.
  • Perception: Affects your awareness of nearby enemies, your ability to detect stealthy movement, and your weapon accuracy in V.A.T.S.
  • Endurance: Affects your total Health, the Action Point drain from sprinting, and your resistance to disease.
  • Charisma: will allow you to share perks with your team. 3 will share level 1 card. 6 will share level 2 card. 9 will share level 3 card. Affects your rewards from Group Missions and prices when you barter.
  • Intelligence: Affects your ability to hack terminals, the condition, and durability of items that you craft, and the return you get from scrapping.
  • Agility: Affects the number of Action Points in V.A.T.S. and your ability to sneak.
  • Luck: Affects the recharge rate of Critical Hits as well as the condition and durability of items that you loot.


Fallout 76 Perk Cards

  • When you level you don’t have to select a perk card from the SPECIAL you chose to increase. After you choose which SPECIAL to level u, it shows you a filters list of perks for that SPECIAL, but you can flip left and right to look at perks for other SPECIAL.
  • You get 1 Perk Card per level, even after 50.
  • You get 1 Perk Card Pack at each level 4,6,8, and 10.
  • You get 1 Perk Pack every 5 levels after 10 until 50.
  • Perk card Packs give you 4 regular cards and 1 gold card.
  • You can combine two level 1 perk cards of the same card to make a level 2. You can combine a level 2 and a level 1 to make a level 3.

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