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My “Easy” Flukemarm Setup – Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight Flukemarm

I’m not especially good at games due to mediocre reflexes and I was having a really tough time with Flukemarm until I tried out this equipment combination – I beat it first try using this setup without ever getting below half health.

Note that you’ll need to have progressed in the game a decent amount to have all the right equipment.

See screenshot:

You’ll have to forgive me for not remembering the official names of the equipment, but:

  • The spore and the dung badge combine to make an especially powerful damage cloud – it kills flukes quickly enough that you can heal multiple times pretty easily.
  • The thorns will take out whole groups of flukes at once, giving you enough time to start healing if you have the quick focus. It will also do decent damage to the Flukemarm if you’re near it.
  • The grub makes sure you always have enough focus if you’re not good enough to get regular hits in (I wasn’t).

Basically I just stood on the first floating platform under the Flukemarm and spend most of the match getting hit and then healing. I got the occasional hit in, but the thorns did more damage to Flukemarm than I did.

It was incredible how easy this made the fight when I was struggling so much previously. I love that this was possible because there’s just no way I would have beaten the Flukemarm through reflexes.

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