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Better Controls for Better Boom Beach Gaming

Boom Beach

Boom Beach gaming is great a way to spend your spare time wherever you are, whenever it may be. It is undeniable one of the best strategy game of today. Thanks to the brilliance of Supercell and its developers, we are currently enjoying a free game with premium features. Graphics-wise the game is phenomenal. Gameplay-wise, it is nothing short of stunningly perfect. But there’s just one tiny flaw in playing this Boom Beach game that we all loved, it is non other than the on screen controls. I know we can all agree that mobile devices like tablets and smartphones does not have the luxury of having physical buttons for gaming. They take up half the screen, get in the way and are generally just not as good as physical controls thus lessening the overall gaming experience. That’s why today I’ll be showing you how to connect your Xbox 360 controller, Xbox one controller, and ps3 or Ps4 controller to your Android tablet to provide better gaming experience to your Boom Beach addiction.

Boom beach strategy

So here are the necessary things you need to gather and do. The first one is the controller. This can be wired or wireless but it’s a bit easier if you have a wired one. I have both a wired and wireless controller, so I can guide you both ways. Of course, you need to have an Android phone or tablet. Unfortunately, this won’t work on iOS phones. You don’t need to be rooted. You also need A USB OTG Cable. This is the most important part of this setup. Don’t worry if you don’t know what it is. It’s extremely cheap but it will come in handy for loads of things as it lets you connect a mouse, keyboard, pendrive or any usb device to your phone.

Once you’ve got all the stuff, you’re ready to get started for a better Boom Beach gameplay. First, plug the USB OTG cable into your Android phone, using the micro-usb side. The next step will be different depending on which controller you have. For a wired controller, all you have to do is plug the USB into the OTG cable. The lights on the controller should come on, letting you know everything works. You don’t need to install anything! Just get run Boom Beach, it’s that easy. This setup is not only great for Boom Beach but any other strategy games, driving games and platform style games because it lets you use the entire screen for the game, without those annoying on screen buttons blocking the view.

Boom Beach Play

Boom Beach is the most expensive game today even if you ask some gamer. I know somebody who almost spent $2000 dollars to buy the diamonds to upgrade his defense.

Don’t you think it’s a total reap off?

Even me I play this game but I prohibit myself to purchase a diamonds, instead, I use a Boom Beach Hack which can easily be found online. Why spending big money when you can hack diamonds for beach to progress further.

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