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The Sims 3 Cheats and Tips

The Sims 3 Money Cheat

Looking for easy cheats for money, relationships, mood, and more? Well here is a guild for many cheats in the Sims 3.

How to Open The Cheat Bar

The first thing you want to do before entering the desired cheat is to open the Cheat Bar. You do this by typing Shift+Ctrl+C. It will open a blue bar that runs across the top of your screen. Then once that bar is up you may type in the cheat.

Money Cheats

There is a couple money cheats that you can do.

Open the cheat bar and type in one of the following:

kaching = Adds 1,000 simoleons

motherlode = Adds 50,000 simoleons

familyfunds = familyfunds <house hold name> <amount of simoleons> *only goes up to 99,999,999*

Build Cheats

These are cheats helpful in the process of building a house. *note that you need to type in <testingcheatsenabled true> before using these cheats.*

moveobjects on/off = Allows you to move or delete any object.

freerealestate = When building a house in World Edit, this cheats ignores the price of the lot. Making the lot free.

fadeobjects on/off = Fades objects when camera gets near

constrainfloorelevation false = Allows you to change the level of floor/ground regardless of objects in the way. *type true instead of false to turn off*

buydebug = Allows you to buy objects that are “unbuyable” (such as, mailbox, trashcan, light areas, etc.) *You will need to enter >testingcheatsenabledtrue< in Live mode and then type this in the Cheat Bar while in Build or Buy mode.

In Game Cheats

The Sims 3 Cheats

When you are at the main menu to select your game, do not click a game yet. Open up the cheat bar and enter in this cheat:

<testingcheatsenabled true>

The click the desired game and re-enter it once your game is loaded and playable. *This is not necessary everytime but I do it just out of habit*

After you enter this cheat you are able to do a lot in game. Such as:

Needs: You are able to drag up your need bars; Hunger, Social, Bladder, Hygiene, Energy, and Fun.

Relationships: You can also drag up your relationship bar. Click on your relationship tab on the bottom left section of your screen and you will see a bar below a sims face. Drag that bar to the desired relationship. You can go from acquaintance > friend > good friends > best friends > best friends forever.

Mood: Tired of getting fatigued after working out? Tired of getting sick during a pregnancy? Tired of getting sore? Well with this cheat you are able to delete a mood. In the middle bottom of your screen you have a mood box where different moods will appear. Good and bad, such as; “Fulfilled” From getting a promised wish +25 Mood. Or on the more negative side; “Fatigued” From working out No Mood Effect.

All you need to do is >Ctrl+Left Click and then left click< the mood you want to delete.

Career: Don’t like your career or wanting a higher position in your job? This cheat makes it so you can have any career and any position! From being a Thug in the Criminal Career to a Rock Star in the Music Career.

First, you need to quit your job if you currently have one. Then go out to your mail box on your lot and Shift+LeftClick it. It will pull up a few options that are also fun to play with such as; “Make Me Know Everyone” and “Force NPC” *NCP’s are like the Police, Firemen, Grim Reaper* Select the button that says “Set Career”, now you can choose from any job you want.

Lifetime Rewards: This cheat is helpful when trying to gain Lifetime Rewards points. Before selecting your game in the Main Menu type in your Cheat Bar <testingcheatsenabled true>. Then select the desired game. Once in game, re-type in <testingcheatsenabled true>. Then on the lower right section of your screen, click your tab with your Lifetime Rewards. Ctrl+LeftClick to the right of the chest between your Lifetime Rewards Points and the chest.

Create-A-Sim: Do you want to change your sims name, or the color of your eyes on your sim but don’t want to start over? With this cheat it makes it easy as pie. Shift+LeftClick the sim you want to change and click the button that says “Edit Sim in Create A Sim” Now you can edit your sim as if you were in Create-a-Sim. *You can do this with pets also*

Resetting: Having glitches with your sims or overall game? Well just try opening up the cheat bar and enter, >resetsim <firstname> <lastname>< or just >resetsim< to reset all sims in your household. You can also reset your “Lifetime Happiness.” Open up the cheat bar and enter >resetlifetimehappiness<.

Thanks For Reading

I hope this Cheat Guild has helped you. If you have any questions, comment below and I’ll try the best i can to answer & don’t forget to comment.

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