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The Sims 3 Nraas Story – Sunset Valley

The Sims 3 Sunset Valley

Okay, try to stay with me. I’m sorry if you don’t know the names of the townies in sims 3, but I played all day today and thought I’d share with fellow simmers (I’m also on mobile so please be patient)

Okay so I have Nraas and I actually like getting notifications on gossip and stuff so I get the notifications of whose dating, married, fighting, etc. So I have 2 stories

  1. Jared Frio got Claire pregnant, but usually that’s already happened so they’re dating and then all of a sudden they break up. He has to pay child support since she had his kid and they’re not married. Then after awhile Jared and Zelda Mae started to date and then he knocked her up as well. Again, right before she gives birth, she dumps him because I got more pop ups saying he was stalking his ex-girlfriend and then moments later got another one saying that Zelda and Jared were caught fighting (hmmm I wonder what about? Not him being outside his old girlfriends house hm?) So now he has 2 kids and the child support in my game goes between 100 or 500 simoleans (story 2 for how I know) so that’s about 200 or 1000 dollars every day or so, let me mention Jared is on the low-end of the culinary career, he barely makes 200 dollars a day. So fast forward, all of his savings are gone and I keep getting these pop ups about how this poor sim is destitute and can’t pay his child support, how the game is calling him a deadbeat parent, and to top it off, I get even more pop ups saying he’s in debt then debt free. One of my favorite was he had 57$ simoleans left in his funds and it gave me a pop up saying that Jared said, “They’re flesh and blood, at least this 57 simoleans can help out” or something along those lines. So at the moment he got a promotion and he’s out of debt and paying his child support.
  2. I ended liking Hank Goddard, yes I know he’s engaged, my sim wasn’t a homewrecker, him and Pauline broke up quite fast, so my sim starting talking to him and they were just friends for awhile, but I planned to marry him, so throughout the game, while my sim is focusing on her acting career, I see pop ups of Hank taking ladies out on trips and then it tells me he’s a gigolo!! I was like, fine whatever, it’s okay. He’s got to do what he has to. So I still pursue him, but I try to move things quickly, because all it takes is for him to knock someone up, so they’re dating and he’s still a male escort and I just return to normal business, I was gonna let him do whatever, but then it tells me that “after too much time in the bedroom, Pauline Wan and Hank Goddard are expecting” so not only did he get his ex-fiancee pregnant, got paid for it, but I got the notification an hour before my sims bachelorette party, and how Pauline has a “bun in the oven and its baking nicely and all her friends are invited over to celebrate, so I moved quickly and married him so now he’s married to my sim, living in her house paying money for the child while the mom (Pauline) got pregnant again, got dumped and is raisinvg two babies in a 1 bedroom house and again the nice cherry on top, my sim won the lottery and so after I spent some on a new house and stuff I took the rest and edited her house to fit a baby, cause you know even though she is knocked up by my sims husband, I’m nice, so she got basically new furniture that cost around 20000 simoleans

(If you know sunset valley it’s that house with water and its really run down and has the fridge outside)

I know it was a lot of reading and if you want ill post pics of the pop ups and the family tree.

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