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Very Basic & Useful Mods – The Sims 3

The Sims 3 Mods

Hello. Here are some very useful and fairly basic mods that I think all simmers should have. Almost all of the mods I will mention today with by simple ones that don’t dramatically alter the gameplay. Please leave a rating and a comment, constructive criticism is encouraged.

How To Install Mods

Well there are some good mods, but, you need to install them to use them. Mods vary in installation method. Some mods, like lots or clothes often have “wizard” downloads. Other mods like moar interactions as seen above require a “manual” download.


1. Download correct file from mod website. Files may come in different “flavours”. Flavours are simply different versions of the mod that alter it’s effects. KleptoTweaks is a good example of flavours.

2. Use a zip file opener like WinRar or 7Zip to open the file downloaded from mod download website. Something like this should appear.

3. Open the file to open the “wizard” installer.

4. Open your game and enjoy!

Or, if you need to manually install a mod the steps are here.

1. Download correct file from mod website. Files may come in different “flavours”. Flavours are simply different versions of the mod that alter it’s effects. KleptoTweaks is a good example of flavours.

2. Use a zip file opener like WinRar or 7Zip to open the file downloaded from the mod download website. Something like this will appear.

3. Go to Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3 and create a folder titled “Mods”. Within this folder create one folder called “Overrides” and another called “Packages”. You will also need a file called resource.cfg.

4. If the mod you have installed is a .package file, it will be placed in “Packages”. If it says otherwise, it will be placed in “Overrides”. Sounds simple right? It is!

5. Open your game and enjoy! A box called “Mod Scripts Found” should appear when you launch the game, this is not important unless re-installing, uninstalling, updating or patching mods.

NRaas Mods

In my personal opinion NRaas is one of, or the best modder of The Sims 3. NRaas makes mods that drastically improve the artificial intelligence (AI) of the computer-controlled characters. His mods cover big issues and personal pet peeves that you may have.

Some of his mods are more important than others and some are unnecessary altogether. I will give my opinions on which will benefit you the most. I highly recommend reading the Documentation/Interactions log and also the description of the mod at the top before installation and deinstalltion. You can find the download pages by clicking on the titles.


MasterController is probably the most important NRaas mod because it allows control of almost all the aspects of your town and the sims, lots, and rabbitholes within it. This mod when combined with Overwatch is able to reset glitched Sims, lots and improve the performance of your game. Read the section “How To Stop Your Game Freezing/Lagging” to learn how to improve the performance and obliterate lag spikes.


Overwatch will try to find and get rid of persistent bugs created by the core game and your mods. This mod doesn’t cause much lag since it doesn’t have many processes to run, but it always runs in the background trying to find bugs, unless you disable the mod.


StoryProgression is the best mod I have seen in a long time. This mod drastically improves the game world by making the characters perform actions that change their lives, improve skills, get demoted and promoted; and have relationships and families. This mod replaces the poorly programmed EA story progression which does not perform the functions it says it does such as AI Sims having children. This mod can cause lag, so you need a fairly good computer to run this mod, but it’s definitely worth the lag because it makes the environment much more dynamic.


You have had this problem before. You can’t lie. You have. Your sims grow up, and so do the others. The others get automatic outfits set, but those outfits suck. I’ve seen too many unfortunate Sims getting sucked into the void of overalls and t-shirts for outerwear. But… only if there was a fix… only if… BUT WAIT! THERE IS A FIX! Yes! This mod will actively check the clothing of Sims and will end the ugly wardrobe syndrome! No micro-managing needed!


Sometimes sims perform interactions that can’t be done, or can’t be reached. Sometimes this causes lag in the game and will cause lag. This mod is both good and bad at the same time. Because this cleans up lag spikes, this is great. However, if you for some reason like trapping sims (I will not judge, we have all done it), this mod is not for you.


This mod improves the relationship system very much. It changes things relating to the romantic interactions. Combined with the Kama Simtra plugin, you get a new skill for WooHooing and more interactions.

Stop The Game From Freezing/Lagging

This is for sure not a mod but it requires two and will surely help you a lot. To do this, you need Nraas MasterController and Nraas Overwatch. The links to these mods can be found under the “Nraas” section of this guide. A YouTube video explaining how to stop the game from freezing lagging is here:

How to make the game run more smoother

This section will be added onto whenever anyone get’s the time to do it.

Mods That Add More To The Game

Eskin Natural Skin Enhancer

Eskin Natural is a skin enhancer that makes the skins of your characters far more detailed. It has varying levels of muscle definition and skin tone. To get the full detail of these skins you should have your graphics options on high texture quality, but this is not necessary. You can find it here.

Here are some examples of the skins:



No Crappy Bunk Beds!

Bunkbeds in Generations give you a bad night’s sleep buff, so this is a pretty useful mod if you’re planning on using bunkbeds.

You can find it here.

No Autonomous Computer Games

Computer games can tend to be annoying as sims would always go to the computer and play video games, which the sounds it plays are really loud so you end up selling the computer in the end, even though for it’s many uses. This does not delete the option though, and you can still choose to direct your sim to play it (Ambitions, pets, showtime, or generations is required)

You can find it here.

No Intro with Maxis logo

Well this is pretty self explanatory, this mod disables the intro and maxis logo on game start. It helps the loading process go by a lot faster.

You can find it here.

Moar Interactions

Well this one is quite useful in many ways, if you don’t want to keep clicking random options with chat you can just simply press one option that is either friendly, mean, romantic or funny. And it will keep the chat flowing. But there are many other things that make this mod useful so please check it out.

You can find it here.

Here are some examples or the interactions:

Time to work again – Cancel time off

Ever accidentally taken too much time off work? Got time off because you just got married? Don’t want that time off? Then, install this mod that allows you to cancel that time off!

You can find it here.

10 new CAS Sliders

This mod adds new sliders to the Create-a-Sim mode. These sliders change most of the parts of your sim’s body that normally can’t be modified.

You can find this mod here.


  • Gesichtsmerkmal – Facial Feature
  • Hüftbreite – Hip Width
  • Brustgröße – Breast Size
  • Taillenbreite – Waist Width

This mod is in English, but this picture is not.

Klepto Tweaks

I think we’ve all had this problem – too many things to steal and not enough time to steal. This mod has various versions that increase the chances of objects being stolen from work/school, the max object value, objects stolen per day, and days to return the object.

You can find this mod here.

Generations Home Video Camera Fix

This mod slows down how fast and jerky the movement of the home video camera from Generations is.

You can find it here.

Mods That Add More Challenge

In this section we will be talking about mods that will challenge the player more in the game. As with other mods, these are completely OPTIONAL.

(This section is a work in progress, expect it to be empty for a little bit.)

User Suggestions

Did we miss out on any of your favourite mods? If we did, here’s your time to shine and mention them! Please no mods we have already mentioned unless they improve even more.

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