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Stardew Valley: Calico Desert

Stardew Valley The Desert

You must wait until 10 AM on any day you want to ride. Pam will arrive at the bus stop to the east of your farm, and at that point, you can buy a ticket from the metal stand for 500G. Despite its distance, no time is taken to get there and no matter the time of year, the desert is always the same. On any visit to the desert, you’ll need to return to the bus to go home. You can stay as late as 12:30 and still make it, though not without an energy penalty.

Stardew Valley Desert

Desert Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley desert quest is early in your gaming experience. You can only find it on the map by hovering over it. So, when looking at the map it’s in the top left corner. That’s where you can find items such as coconuts, the Oasis Stardew Valley store, and cactus fruit. There are all sorts of items that will help you build your homestead in the Stardew Valley Calico Desert, but you will need to go to the desert on the bus, and the bus is broken!

How to fix the bus to the desert Stardew Valley

Bus to the Desert Stardew Valley

You must complete a bundle before you can access the Stardew Desert. One of the easier bundles to complete is in the Community Center and is called the Vault. The Vault doesn’t appear until you’ve completed about 4 or 5 other bundles. Look in the top right-hand corner of the Community Center, the vault will appear there.

What is normally keep in a vault?

That’s right money! And this bundle is about money.  There is one for 2500, 5000, another for 10,000 and lastly a final bundle for 25,000. Once you finish those, the bus is fixed, and you can continue to Stardew Valley Desert.

The bus stop is east of your homestead, and Pam is the bus driver. She arrives promptly at 10 am every day! So, don’t be late. You buy a ticket from the metal stand. The bus tickets to the Calico Desert Stardew Valley are 500 G. The desert stays the same no matter what time of the year and the bus is magic. It takes no time away when traveling to and from the Calico Desert. You can stay in the desert up to 12:30, but you will have an energy penalty.

Features of the Calico Desert Stardew Valley

Oasis Stardew Valley

Oasis Stardew Valley

At the Oasis store, you will find three types of seeds: Rhubarb, Starfruit, and Beet.

Rhubarb seeds are 100 G each, and they are a spring crop. There is only one crop more profitable than the Rhubarb, and that is Strawberries, and Strawberry seeds can be bought at the Spring Festival each year.

Starfruit seeds are 400G each and are a Summer crop. This is the highest paying crops of the season, and one of the best crops in the game, well one of the top 3.

Beet Seeds are a Fall Crop, and they are 20g each. Beets are not used in any bundles, but the Qi quest has you ship a few in every game. So, it is beneficial to grow a few.

Qi’s Challenge & The Mysterious Qi

The Mysterious Qi Stardew Valley

The Calico Desert Casino is located inside the Oasis. It is blocked by a bouncer the first time you visit. To go into the Casino, you must complete several quests. You start this line of quests by entering the Skull Cavern. You need to reach level 25 inside the Skull Cavern, then you will have to do a few more things to complete the challenge. Of the three points of interaction, you must put a battery in the tunnel by the bus.

You obtain the battery pack from having a lightning rod in the Summer Season. You also need a rainbow shell (from the beach during Summer) You place the shell in the box at the train station. Also, save 10 beets (remember they are a fall crop, so you won’t have to wait a long time to access the Casino inside Oasis Stardew Valley.

Now, when that is completed you can gamble! In the Casino you use Qi coins, you can buy these or take chance on winning theme. There are cool items in the store you can only buy with Qi coins. There’s even a statue for a million G that if you can buy it, it will produce one item every day for you! It’s sold by a male dealer at the top right of the store. (Its name is the Statue of endless Fortune.)

Foraging and Fishing

Fishing Desert Stardew Valley

You can forage for coconuts and cactus fruit. If you bring your pole, you can fish in the Northwest pool. Sandfish and Scorpion Carp can be fished in the pond. Don’t waste your time cutting down palm trees they don’t offer any items.

Skull Cavern: The bottom of the mine

Stardew Valley Skull Cavern Guide

When you reach the bottom of the mine, you will earn the Skull Key to enter the Skull Cavern. This is a more dangerous adventure, and it takes time and planning, but the rewards are great! The deeper you adventure into the cavern the more likely you are to find Iridium. Monsters drop both Iridium and Prismatic Shard, with the Prismatic shard you can later get the strongest weapons in Stardew Valley.

Other Awesome Tips to know while in the Calico Desert Stardew Valley

Calico Desert Stardew Valley

The dead dragon in the desert is used for one of Qi’s quests. If you happen upon one of the dead dragons to the northeast, you will see three pillars which are also of interest. Bringing a rare Prismatic Shard dropped by enemies in the Skull Cavern will reward you with a Galaxy Sword.

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