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Stardew Valley – Dancing Festival

Flower Dance Stardew Valley

Feeling bored and tired of regular activities like working on the farm breeding livestock, planting trees and doing a host of other things?

Well, do not exit the game. There is a whole lot of cool and fun activities players can engage in such as; killing monsters, fishing and going out and making new friends. One can socialize with the villagers and make as many friends as possible and giving the best of gifts to friends will make the villagers like you. Certain occasions take place strictly on specific days of the year, among them is the Stardew Valley flower dance.

This festive period serves as a break that provides you with a chance to refresh, take off from the routine activities and relax from the stress of work. Stardew valley spring dance takes place on the 24th day of every spring yearly. An invitation (a reminder) is sent to you just before the dance by Mayor Lewis, so you don’t miss this important celebration.


Stardew Valley Flower Dance Location

The flower dance Stardew Valley location (venue of this remarkable occasion) is the Cindersap Forest, west of the Wizard’s Tower across the bridge. One fascinating thing about the location is that one is only allowed to access the area during the festive period, after which the place is locked and inaccessible.

One other point to note is that all homes, shops and other workplaces are locked and not accessible while the Stardew Valley dance is ongoing. So, no one miss out this great occasion, one must be at the venue between the hours of 9:00 2:00 Remember that you are not allowed into the venue before 9:00 a.m.

Stardew Valley Dance Partner

Flower Dance Partner Stardew Valley

You can attend the Flower festival Stardew Valley with or without a dance partner. The greatest challenge faced by most newbies is getting the appropriate partner to dance with. A villager will agree to join in dancing only when you have a minimum of 100 Points (4-hearts) with him/her.

However, in a case where you are been rejected by most of the people you wish to dance with, you may add to the level of your points (hearts) by completing a quest for them as well as offering them the best gifts. Dancing with someone adds up your points (heart levels) by one heart (250-points).

You can enjoy the festival dance with another person other than your own spouse. The bad side of it is that you may end up losing 100 Points (2-hearts) with your spouse.

Other Activities

Stardew Valley Dancing Festival

Besides dancing and making new friends, the Stardew festive period gives you an opportunity to buy a lot of cool stuff that you can only get on the festive period. You can buy Dandelion, Daffodil, and Tub of Flowers from Pierre’s stall. You can also buy yourself a Rarecrow which you cannot get anywhere other than the festival.

Another interesting thing worth noting is that one is only eligible to take part in the Flower Dance after his 1st year in Stardew Valley. Finally, the flower dance Stardew Valley dancing festival ends at 10:00 p.m., after which you are transported back to the farm.

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