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Stardew Valley for Nintendo Switch “Casino Trick”

Stardew Valley Casino

If this is already well known, feel free to remove the post.

Everyone knows that the Casino is a scam, so we’re gonna’ scam them back. On a good fortune day, go to the casino and buy like 500 coins for 5 000 g. Go to the slot machines and the pattern, 100% of the time, every time, is one of two: 11 losses, followed by 3 wins; 3 parsnips, 1 or 2 cherries, and 1 cherry – this happens 60-70% of the time. OR 10 losses, followed by 3 wins, 3 of anything above parsnips, 3 parsnips(?), and 1 cherry – this happens 30-40% of the time.

Therefore, after 10 losses, always bet 100 coins on the next 3/4, depending on if 11th is a win or loss as you’ll easily make more than the losses made (by FAR).

Have fun! Love the game.

Casino Calico Jack

Calico Jack Casino

If you play the CalicoJack you can get fairly high on a few tries.

Good fortune day, go play casually to the low stakes board, write down every movement and outcome. Restart the day. Now you’ll notice that all the plays are still the same even with the day reseted. Now you just play all the games that end up in loss on the low stakes CalicoJack, and the ones that you won you play on the high stakes board. I got to 300k doing this just two days in-game.

Good luck!

btw happy cake day!

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