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Cooking Recipes, Sources, and Ingredients

Stardew Valley Recipes

I’ve been looking through all these recipes seeing which ones are most cost-effective at restoring energy (compared to selling the ingredients and buying the most cost-effective meal at the saloon). As a fisherman, you may be interested to know that cooking all of these are pretty efficient for restoring energy:

dishenergy giveningredientssell priceenergy per sell priceeffect(s)
Escargot225Snail + Garlic147g1.53 e/g+2 fishing
(clam) Chowder225Clam + Milk175g1.29 e/g+1 fishing
Sashimi75any fish37g at best (75g for the dish)2.03 e/g at best (1.00 e/g if selling the dish)none
Lobster Bisque225Lobster + Milk275g0.82 e/g+3 fishing, +50 max energy
Algae Soup754x Green Algae60g (100g for the dish)1.25 e/g (0.75 e/g if selling the dish)none
Spicy Eel115Eel + Hot Pepper150g (175g for the dish)0.77 e/g (0.66 e/g if selling the dish)+1 luck, +1 speed

(Calculations above assume you have the level 5 fisherman perk and the level 5 tilling perk and are using the cheapest available ingredients.)

For the Sashimi, prioritize using the cheapest fish since the dish can be made with any fish. Here’s a list of some of the cheapest fish:

  • Anchovy (30g)
  • Carp (30g)
  • Herring (30g)
  • Sunfish (30g)
  • Sardine (40g)
  • Bream (45g)
  • Ghostfish (45g)
  • Chub (50g)
  • Red snapper (50g)
  • Smouthmouth bass (50g)
  • Perch (55g)

(Fish prices shown above do not include any fisherman perks.)

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