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What is the point of Duck Feathers?

Stardew Valley Duck Feather

So we’re supposed to believe that Duck Feathers are “rare” or “deluxe” drops from a duck, when it actually seems that Duck Eggs are so much better? A Duck Feather has a base price of 125g, up to 250g if it’s iridium quality. A Duck Egg, when made into Duck Mayonnaise, has a base price of 375g. The Rancher profession (chosen when you reach level 5 in the Farming skill) increases the price of a Duck Feather or Duck Mayonnaise to 150g (300g for iridium) and 450g, respectively.

If you decided not to go down the Rancher profession skill path and instead chose the Tiller profession (Farming level 5) and then the Artisan profession (level 10) (which I personally think is the most effective skill path for Farming) then your Duck Mayonnaises will sell for 525g each, while your Duck Feathers still only sell for 125g (250g for iridium).

Also, Duck Feathers are rarely a good choice as a gift. Although Harvey likes them and Elliott loves them, all the other villagers are neutral towards them (and Penny dislikes them). Duck Mayonaisse is liked by all of the villagers except for five of them. Heck, even a raw Duck Egg is a liked gift for eleven different villagers.

Finally, if you (for some reason) have ducks but no chickens, you can still use Duck Eggs in place of normal Eggs in recipes where they are needed.

In conclusion, all things considered, by and large, all in all, altogether: Duck Feathers, while rarer than Duck Eggs, are less useful in nearly every way.

If I’m missing something important, let me know.

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