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Stardew Valley Eel

Eel Stardew Valley

Amongst all the species of fish that was discovered in the ocean, there is the Stardew Valley Eel. With its unique color combination, it is mostly popular anytime there is a downfall in spring or in winter. This is not your regular type of fish.

How to catch an eel in Stardew Valley

How to catch an eel

You need rods for fishing, some worms, and a good number of useful fishing skills. This fish is available in various sizes, and you can get one that is 81 inches if you need one. If you want to catch it, come to the ocean between 2 pm and 4 pm.

Energy Levels

Eel Energy Levels Stardew Valley

The energy level you derive from consuming this fish has a lot to do with the specific type that you caught. For the simple Stardew eel, you will get a plus 30 energy and a plus 13 health when eaten. You will get a plus 42 energy level and an 18 health for the silver Stardew Valley eel. But a gold Stardew eel will provide you with a plus 54 energy and 24 health.


Recipes Eel

As a spicy eel Stardew Valley, there are different ways to prepare it. Our body works with energy, and it needs it regularly. Hence, you will need to consume foods rich in energy or carbs to be able to fully attain it. Fried eel making is very simple and fast to learn.

To prepare it, you will need some fish and just a few amounts of oil. With this, you can have an eel fish to consume to boost your energy level by 75 and 33 respectively. An oily and tasty dish you will get. The eel fish has a luck buff that you can eat as well. But in case you don’t want to consume it, you can offer it for sale in the market.

A Maki roll recipe is available for just 1500 in gold at the Star Drop saloon, or you wait for another year. If you can provide some fish and some leaves, you can get it from the hill and other locations. It will yield good results. And then your Maki rolls are prepared and ready to eat. It can boost your energy level to a new height for you. If you take them to the market, the price will be fine to make a good profit. There will be no additional buff by consuming it.

According to the rest, the Stardew Valley eel can also serve as a good fertilizer that can be applied to the ground to boost its fertility. At the time, you can attain up to a higher place in farms. The fertilizer is available at a good price in the market, just for peanuts or low price. At the market, it is sold for ten in gold.


Eel Quests

During some seasons such as spring or winter, the demand for this sort of fish is usually on the increase in the Stardew Valley eel location. The Pierre general store has a front where you will notice a bard with the inscription “help needed.” You will get 225 in gold coins from the quest for each eel. You will see an increase in your friendship point to a level such as 150. This will allow you to make some money out of it.


Eel Bundles Stardew Valley

A fishing bundle can be created using the Star eel. You can position it in your fish tank, and you will need to have in the store a glow ring or make it available.


Eel Gifts Stardew Valley

While you are staying in Stardew Valley, you may occasionally interact with other non-player characters. But you can specifically give them various gifts to build your relationship with them. These gifts may include the eel fish Stardew. Here are three major ways these characters will react upon receiving Stardew eel as a gift from you.

They may display a neutral reaction. And such characters include:

  • Sebastian
  • Elliot
  • Demetrius
  • Pam
  • Willy
  • Linus

They may also display a hate reaction. And such characters include:

  • Evelyn
  • Halley
  • Pierre

They may also display a reaction of total dislike. And such characters include:

  • Vincent
  • Sam
  • Shane
  • Caroline
  • Wizard
  • Penny
  • Samdy
  • Marnie
  • Robin
  • Maru
  • Lewis
  • Kent
  • Leah
  • Jodi
  • Krobus
  • Harvey
  • Dwarf
  • Dwarf
  • George
  • Clint
  • Gus
  • Alex
  • Jas

Note that this last reaction will reduce your friendship points, Hence, it is best to avoid giving the eel Stardew Valley fish to these kinds of characters.

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