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Journey of the Prairie King and the Hidden Achievement

Stardew Valley Hidden Achievement

Alright. most people probably already know this – the last hidden achievement, Fectors challenge, require you to beat this game without dying once.

I can’t remember enjoying any game less than this. I wanted to 100% the game so I can be done with it and SDVs achievements are all organized in a way that you’d pick most of them up along the way as you truly “complete” your farm, so that worked out well until that point. (I’d like to have seen some achievements that motivate a different approach and starting anew, but that’s another discussion).

the game itself is beatable, but beating it without dying once is insane. you need a TON of luck with the coin drops and if you don’t get weapon drops in the later stages you are pretty much done too. that luck factor is so god damn frustrating. add in the grind that is required – I guess more than zero people picked this up do get to something slower paced, a game you don’t have to be good at and practice to enjoy, but this sucked the fun out of it very very quickly.

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