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I feel so bad for the Horse – Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Horse

I go to Calico Desert for hours on end and when I come back it’ll always give me a message saying my loyal horse has been waiting patiently for me. Not to mention if you leave it in the middle of bumfuck nowhere it’ll still return home to you at the end of the day. And when I bring it to the dock to fish, it’ll just stay there and make grass-eating motion. There ain’t nothing there for you to eat you poor thing.

I water the bowl and pet my dog everyday and it doesn’t do anything for me but run around and look pretty. My horse has been with me through thick and thin and I can’t even feed it a potato…

Horse Guide

Horses aren’t like that. Horses are frugal animals, all they need for happiness is grass, shade, freedom, and friendship. You said your horse goes through thick and thin with you, so friendship seems covered. Your horse can go where it pleases while you’re in calico desert so it’s free. There’s shade at the bus stop and in any season apart from winter there’s also grass. And it has hay in its little stable every day. There’s nothing to feel bad about, your horse is perfectly content with this life. Otherwise, it would run away and it’s not like you could prevent that, right? So don’t feel too bad, your horse has made the choice to stick with you so it must be happy!

Though I too wish we could pet our horses, this would cause issues with the game’s control as petting and mounting the horse are the same button.

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