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Easy Gold and Iron Ore – Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Iron Ore

Hi all. While trying to make most of the level 81 mushroom level day, I accidentally found that I got more gold on that day than any other day. So here is how it works: Go to level 80 using lift, and then to level 81. Find and break all the gold ores if any and then instead of searching for a ladder to go one level down, exit the mine and repeat this process. You should easily have at least 150 gold ores in one day without losing much energy or health. You can do the same with level 40 and mine tons of iron. As a bonus, if you break all the barrels there is a chance you should find some copper ore.

Note: ignore all the monster and concentrate on making more iterations.

Sorry for this incoherent post, just wanted to share an easy way to mine ores. Hope you guys find it useful.

  • I have 280 hours in this game and i had no idea about “farming” the mines… wow i’m slow! i gotta try this now. are there only specific floors it works on? 40-41 is good for iron, 80-81 for gold. whats level 81 mushroom level day btw?

Regarding the mushroom levels. Sorry about the poor choice of wording in the post, but I had meant that mushrooms had spawned on level 81 that day. Mushrooms(lots of them, not just one or two) spawn on one of the 40 levels (80-120) every day and move one level up the next day. You can abuse this by heading to the mines as you wake up with enough stone for 40 staircases, find the mushroom level and then restart your day.

Now that you know the level you can plan your month so that you can hit the mushroom levels that are one level below the elevator with ladder level. Why not hit the mine when mushrooms spawn on elevator level you might wonder; that is because mushrooms won’t spawn on levels that are multiples of 5, in other words – none of the elevator levels will have mushrooms.

Make sure you do the 40 staircases thing 1-3 times as needed because sometimes the mushrooms level has zero mushroom spawned and looks like a normal level. If you don’t find mushrooms of any of the 40 levels, restarting the day and repeating the process should help you find it. You might do the whole thing twice also to make sure that the level you think is a mushroom level isn’t just a false positive. Level 81 is the best after level 100 and you will know why once you try to farm mushrooms.

Floors 40 and 80 work well because you can go directly to them. They also contain quite a few ores usually. If you hit a ladder when mining the ores go ahead and take it down. Keep repeating until you don’t see any ores then reset.

Best of luck.

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