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How do beehives work, exactly? – Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Beehive

How? Can I place them together (should I?) with just one flower blooming within range and the bees will come? Do more flowers attract more bees?

How it works

Seems like everyone has bits and pieces of the answer. heres the full mechanics of it.

Beehives take exactly 6100 mins (game time) to generate honey. this is basically 3-4 days. the type of honey it produces is based off the type of flower that is within it’s range when it is picked up. by default, the honey will be wild honey if there is no flowers within it’s range. the beehive’s range is 5 radius horizontal and 4 radius vertical forming a diamond shape. you can use this tool to visually see what the radius is

The amount of flowers within it’s range will not influence the speed or price of the honey. though if you have multiple flowers grown within it’s range. it’ll always take which ever is the highest amount. so if you had 2 tulips and 1 bluejazz within it’s range, you will get tulips honey instead of bluejazz.

Since the honey that is produced is decided upon when you pick it up, then if you pick up the flower before you grab the honey, you will get whatever is still planted in the ground.

All honey is treated the same. the type of honey will only change the price of what it sells for.

And you can put a beehive into your greenhouse, but it will not produce honey at all.

Beehive Layout

  • So, say, 5 hives can work with just one flower within range, right? And it’s recommended that I bunch up beehives together?

Yes, 1 flower can affect a ton of beehives. If you want a simple row design, you can have 1 flower to power over 30 beehives, but if you want something complex, it can go up to over 100. but with the changes to beehives requiring maple syrup, it’ll be much harder to get that many beehives now.

Also, take into consideration that you have to grow that flower. so for the first few days, you will only get wild honey until that flower blooms. and also that if you accidentally pick the flower, your going to need to restart the day or just accept that you got screwed.

Hopefully, we can get away to replant flowers. or get flower pots so that we don’t pick the flowers.

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