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How do I get sprinklers ASAP? Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Sprinkler

I’m going to start by saying I hate Harvest Moon, Farmville, but for some reason Stardew Valley has me completely addicted. Hearthstone was by far my most played game, but Stardew Valley is quickly taking over.

I’ve seen some guides on how to max your planting of crops, eg what crops to plant and when, but I just went straight to the plants that didn’t have to be replanted like Bean sprouts and strawberries. I recently found a recipe for sprinklers, and that’s what I’m gunning for, ignoring everything else. It has compelled me to enter the mines for the first time, and not having built a furnace (or the thing that converts ore to bars), progress on finding copper ore (and iron ore while I’m at it for the sprinklers) is very slow, and watering plants is probably my least favourite thing in the game.

I’m wondering if you guys had any tips on how to get copper (and eventually iron) ore as fast as possible, as every day I don’t have sprinklers is another day of spending half my energy and day watering my bean sprouts.

Another side question, I’ve just gotten into fall, and am wondering if I’m going to have to replant my plants after every winter, or do they just continue after the winter is over?

EDIT: I probably have around 30 plants or so.

Sprinklers are unlocked through farming; at lvl 2 Farming you get the regular four tile + pattern sprinkler, at lvl 6 you get quality which waters the 8 surrounding and at 9 you get iridium which waters the 24 surrounding.

However if you unlock the sewer (the sewer can be unlocked by contributing 60 artifacts to the museum) you can purchase one iridium sprinkler for 10K every Friday.

I honestly wouldn’t bother with the first sprinkler, and the quality can be beneficial. But you may as well just water your crops manually until you’re capable of making a surplus of quality, or have bought enough iridiums.

You can make easier money early on fishing and spelunking for fortunes in the mines and the loot you get from specific floor chest is very beneficial.

Season specific plants die at the end of every season, So on 1 Summer all your spring crops die, 1 Fall all your summer crops die (with the exception of corn which can be grown summer and fall.) during winter everything dies. But you can plant winter seeds to harvest Winter Roots, which i’d suggest saving because good food can be made from Winter Root + Cave Carrot.

I neglected farming until my last skill, spent my first year to two years leveling the remainder of things, by that point Sprinklers were very easy to come by. You can also check the travelling cart located south of your farm and west of Marnies every Friday and Sunday and hope to buy a sprinkler if she has one.

But aside from farming without one which is what’s needed to level and unlock making them. There’s no significant way to get them fast/early.

I’d just neglect farming while you focus on other aspect of the games and buy the sprinkler every Friday.

Edit: Also you can make energy bars using an acorn, pine cone, and maple seed. If you cut the trees down but leave the stumps the trees can still regrow. It’s a great way of replenishing your energy in the early game/first year.

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