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How to Win at The Fair in Stardew Valley: The Most Effective Ways and Tips

Stardew Valley How to Win Fair

Stardew Valley Fair Guide

In Stardew Valley there are about 8 festivals that can be seen during the game, and the fair is one of them. It happens every fall, on the 16th day and is a good reason to come and try to buy things that you have long wanted to get. The work of the festival is that they reward you with special tokens (Star Tokens). You can exchange them for the items you need, which you can’t buy anywhere else. For example, it can be a Starfruit, it increases your total energy. The festival takes place in the center of the Pelican city, begins at 9 am and ends the around 3 pm.

If you suddenly want to leave the fair, you will get to your own farm around 10 PM. And if you decide to come to the city before the fair begins, you will not succeed, because you can enter the city only with the beginning of the festival. Now we will provide you with a detailed guide on how to make the festival as successful as possible for you.


Stardew Valley Fair

To get tokens for which you can purchase various items at the fair, you will need to take part in various games at the festival. But first, you will need to find the mayor in the city and talk to him.

You will need to provide him with the items you brought with you to participate in the Grange display. If you repeat the conversation, will receive the award from mayor 1000 Star Tokens. Then you should win a Grange display prize which also has 1000 tokens. Victory can be difficult if you do not prepare for it in advance and do not take the right items. You must use high-quality items, gold or even better, and check that the items were from different categories, for example, it can be fruit, fish and more. There are 8 kinds of items you are able to have. Therefore, you should provide the widest range.

Stardew Valey How to win at the fair

The third way that will help you win at the fair, is very important for you and at the same time difficult. The wheel of fortune is a color guessing game, if you choose the right color you will get a reward. At first, you will have to lose a small number of tokens, but thanks to this, you will get much more.

The game has its mistakes, which we will use. The error is that the orange color may not appear 3 times in a row. Therefore, it is necessary to make low rates at the beginning, until you wait for the appearance of orange 2 times in a row, then make a big bet and choose a green color and be sure to get a huge reward.

These tips will help you easily win the festival and get the desired items.

Fishing will be even easier if you want to get some tokens.

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