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Stardew Valley Fishing

Stardew Valley Fishing

How to Use Bait and Tackle on Fishing Poles

Stardew Valley How to Use Bait and Tackle

Using bait and tackle for a beginner may seem like a very difficult task in Stardew Valley fishing system. We will provide you with a review that will help you learn how to fish properly.


Stardew Valley Bait

The first thing you need to know is that bamboo fishing rods do not have slots available for bait nor tackle. Only good fishing rods have these features. Use bait will be only at the second level of fishing. As soon as this happens, the store on the beach will sell a fishing rod with fiberglass for 1,800G (you will receive a letter about its availability in the store). Also there at the small price baits though at the second level of fishing you can create your own.

How to Use Fishing Bait

Stardew Valley How to Use Fishing Bait

To use bait, it must be selected in your inventory, as if you want to move the bait. Now it is necessary to approach the rod and press the right mouse button. Now the bait will be dressed on a fishing rod. If you use the Xbox controller, you can select the bait button “A”, and attach it with the button “X”. To remove the bait you need to press the right mouse button again or press the “X”.

You have the ability to attach a whole stack of bait, you just have to do it sometimes. With the bait on the rod, you will speed up the time of biting. This means you will spend less time fishing. Thanks to the bait you will increase your profit per day from fishing.

You should know whether you will be able to catch a fish or not, the bait will be spent.


How to Use Tackle

Stardew Valley How to Use Tackle

Tackle (spinners, barbed hooks, and bobbers) is equipped the same way. Select and take the tackle in your inventory, go to the rod and press the right button or the “X” button, if you play on Xbox, so you could attach it to the pole.

Tackle will be available to you only from level 6 fishing, also provided you have available Iridium Fishing Rod, which you will need to buy in advance. This fishing rod has slots for both bait and tackle. Tackle gives more chances to catch rare fish. Unlike bait, each time after which it is reduced in quantity and not as strong as the tackle.

Different types of tackle do different things:

  • Spinner (Fishing Level 6) – Increases the rate that fish will bite.
  • Lead Bobber (Fishing Level 6) – Stops the bar bouncing when it hits the bottom of the frame during the fishing minigame. Not useful very often.
  • Trap Bobber (Fishing Level 6) – Makes the fishing minigame bar drop slower, meaning you don’t have to click as fast to keep it steady on one level. One of the best.
  • Cork Bobber (Fishing Level 7) – Increases the size of the bar in the fishing minigame by a bit, varies depending on your fishing level. Others are better. Remember, more fishing levels increase the size of the bar as well!
  • Treasure hunter (Fishing Level 7) – Increases the chance of treasure chests appearing by 1/3 (meaning 20% total chance). Great for finding artifacts. These are crafted for 2 gold bars or bought for 750G from Willy.
  • Dressed Spinner (Fishing Level 8) – Further increases the rate fish will bite.
  • Barbed Hook (Fishing Level 8) – Helps the bar stick to the fish during the fishing minigame, making it easier.

Baits in Stardew Valley, like other types of tackle, can be bought from Willy’s shop as you level up. At the same level, most of the baits and tackle you can create yourself, although the store sometimes has and exclusive. In most cases, they are easier to buy than to create, especially when it comes to such items like Treasure Hunter tackle unless you’re swimming in Gold bars.

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