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Reliably Get 200 Iridium Ore in One Day – Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Iridium

I want to start out and let everyone know that I’m almost finished Winter of my second year, so this post will contain many spoilers. I’ll do my best to hide them while making them easily usable for those who know what the spoiler is.

What this isn’t:

  • A post on how to cheaply get iridium
  • How to unlock any of the spoilers

What this is:

  • A post on how to get over 200 iridium ore in one day.


  • About 150 Bombs. Eastern Mine rock spoiler. You can buy these from Dwarf for 600g, costing 90,000g
  • A lot of food, I bought about 100 Pizza from Gus and used about 30, but bring a lot just in case.
  • Spicy Eel for speed and luck. I got these from the flying snakes. Alt: Coffee for speed, buy these from Gus.
  • 999 stone (more for good measure?) and level 2 mining.
  • Bottom of mine spoilers & Bus spoiler You’ll need to have Oasis and the Skull Cave unlocked. If you are unable to read this spoiler, turn back now.
  • Level 8 Foraging spoiler A farming totem, because we’re going until about 1:30 am.
  • Magnet ring (I used the iridium band).

Handy things that aren’t requirements:

  • Level 10 mining (in the proper branch).
  • Iridium pickaxe for easily breaking those pesky rocks.
  • A day where luck is good.

Because I listed the spoilers in the previous sections, I’ll leave out the tags here in order to make reading the steps easier.

Alright, now onto the actual steps:

  1. Acquire the resources from the previous blocks.
  2. Get to the bus stop by 10 am ready for Pam to attend.
  3. Eat a coffee or a spicy eel just before boarding the bus.
  4. Once inside the cave, start bombing. This is where the food comes in. Standing near a bomb? Who cares, you have food. A nifty trick is that you can place down a bomb, and eat some food. This pauses time and the bomb still explodes. A magnet ring helps here because you will also get the loot.
  5. Do not spend too much time in any specific level. Don’t try to look for the stairs if you can’t find it, that’s why we have stone! Craft yourself a staircase and continue moving. Try to save these for the later levels as you start running out of time.
  6. You will begin to see a decent bit of iridium around floor 50. Do your best to ignore it because we’re aiming for floor 100.
  7. Once you to get floor 90+ you will notice there are many iridium ore rocks, don’t try to mine these, instead place bombs, they will explode and the ore will come flying to you. Remember, don’t stay on any one floor too long, if you go to the next floor you’re likely to be near more iridium.
  8. Once the clock has struck 1:20 am, it’s time to head back home. Take out your farm totem and warp back. by this time you should have all the iridium you’ll ever need.

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