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To Keg or not to Keg: A rather long Artisan’s guide on what to do with the most profitable crops and animal products.

Stardew Valley Keg

Hey all and happy birthday to SDV on the Nintendo Switch, yay! Since we’ll have an influx of new players I figured today would be a great day to post my “To Keg or Jar” guide i’ve had sitting around for a year and see if people can rake in as much gold as I did by the end of my 2nd year.


DEAR NEW PLAYERS: please don’t be off put by the size of this guide. It is mainly intended for those who want to maximize numbers and love to put their limits to the test. It is in no way required to do things like this in order to enjoy the game or beat it. The game is rather in depth so the guide has to be as well. I tried to highlight the more important information and include general tips that would help anybody out. I will update this post with any suggestions people have to make it easier to digest!

For posterity, here is my farm upload for you guys to check it out:

Halfway thru spring when giant cauli start popping up and a show of the various crops i grow during spring

End of Spring when crops are finished but giant cauli just finished.

Bonus image of my record high of 11 giant Melons at the end of summer

At this point almost both my Sheds are filled with Kegs, i have a barn for chickens/ducks, one for pigs and one for cows/goats, i have 10 ancient fruit + Starfruit/Strawberries growing in my greenhouse and i haven’t even started a full wine cycle of casks yet(Been doing cheese while i completely fill the cellar with 189 casks) since i’m still farming Hardwood in the secret woods. Every time i have a full shed of Starfruit wine to sell i rake in 200k from the ~70 bottles. Big money.

So, now that i’ve convinced myself – and hopefully you guys too – that i have done well enough to write a guide of this magnitude, lets get on to the meat. What to grow in what season for the most profit AND what container to put it in for the Artisan Bonus. Also whether or not to cask but that answer is pretty simple… LET’S GET STARTED!

TLDR – Try to plan out what things you’ll really want to do ahead of time, this will save you from playing catch up once you pass your first year. The most profitable crops in the game are in a list as follows(READ THE REST OF THE POST FOR HOW TO DEAL WITH THESE CROPS)… Ancient Fruit, Starfruit, Sweet Gem Berry, Hops, Pumpkin, Melon, Cauliflower, Rhubarb, Red Cabbage and Yams. Find the crop on the list i’ve given below to decide whether or not to Keg or Preserve said crop and reel in the profits!

Just so we’re clear, this is not meant to be a “Guide on how to play through your first 2 years”, that is more or less up to how you WANT to play. It’s just a list of numbers, timelines and opinions with suggestions to help you shape your choices in crops and put it all in one semi-neat package so people can view it for the future. HOWEVER, this does assume that you’re planning on running a multitude of kegs/jars and that you would want to run around 30-50 or so hops in summer of year 1 to save up and make big bucks through winter.


  • K = Keg (Keg’d fruits take 6-7 days to become WINE, Veggies take 2-3 days to become JUICE)
  • PJ = Preserve Jar (Pickles or Jellies both take about 3 days to finish)
  • ? means its up to you which you want to do. Choose based on available kegs/jars and time spent.
  • d = days to grow after planting(must water the first day)
  • Dx-G = Deluxe Speed-Gro (25% faster growth for earlier harvest)
  • Dx-F = Deluxe Fertilizer (High chance at high Quality crops)
  • !GH! = Greenhouse ONLY (Rare or crops you can grow year round)
  • Sp, Su, Fa, Wi – shows any extra seasons the crop will grow during.
  • ABCD or E denotes how valuable the crop is from best to worst. C is still a pretty good crop, E is year 1/supplemental only, A is an amazing crop, etc.
  • An X means you should NEVER try to grow this crop for profit, only for gifts/achievements.
  • ALL GOLD VALUES SHOWN WITH OUT ARTISAN BONUS. However, anytime it is shown will be noted.

General Tips and Tricks

Things i’ve found useful or helpful as an Artisan, I will update this list with tips received in comments!

  • Try to plan out your season based on what vessels you have available to you. You only have access to so many kegs so you don’t want to plant only Hops as they only sell for 25-50g before turning into 300g ale. You want to have Melons and other things that are worth money without kegging so you’re not broke for Fall.
  • Quality of crops (the stars on the crop’s icon) have absolutely no effect on the artisan product. There are only a handful of crop-artisan products that can obtain quality when put into casks and those are wine, beer, pale ale and mead… juice, pickles, jellies and honey will not age. Wine is the only crop product you should be casking in your cellar.
  • In your first season and when you’re limited on Kegs, Jars etc, sell all gold quality fruit you collect so you can get that quick cash and turn the lower quality items into the long term investment for the highest increase in value.
  • Upgrade your watering can first, probably axe second and then pick or hoe depending on what you’re doing more of. A gold watering can/hoe hits a 3×3 square and Iridium hits a 3×6 rectangle which saves you considerable time. The debate on whether iridium sprinkler or watering can is more efficient is up for debate but if you focus more on farming and less on adventuring then the can will help you with giant crops. Always check the Travelling Cart for iridium bars or sprinklers, i got all mine this run from her.
  • Make your kegs, jars, hives, mayo machines, etc into nice and easy paths that you can run back and forth between. With limited time each day you don’t want to maximize space on your giant farm, you want to maximize your time spent doing regular jobs. You may not want to run as many jars as i do since you have to swap your things out every 3 days instead of every 7 days for fruit wine. Decide what you’re interested in doing early so you’re not scrambling to play catch up.
  • Once you get a bunch of gold be sure to line the inside edge of you greenhouse with kegs. This will help you to use up as much space as possible, have easy access to kegs for all your starfruit/ancient fruit and basically supply you with 1 free shed.
  • Time pauses/stops whenever you open your menu, Alt-tab out, talk to a person, view a TV/sign or the text box appears at the bottom of the screen. Use this to your advantage, take a bite of a fruit but do not click yes or no. This is indicated by the time blinking in the right-hand corner. While time is frozen you can now assess all your kegs/jars to make sure they are full before leaving the area. BEWARE time does not fully stop after midnight, it only slows it dramatically. Do not go AFK for hours after 12am expecting to be ok when you come back, you may miss out on what you were trying to finish!
  • Fertilizer and Speed-Gro can be put down either before or after the seeds are planted. Sometimes fert will persist the entire season and other times it will fade due to luck/time. You generally want to use Speed-Gro or nothing at all if it won’t help you get more money out of your available space.
  • Giant Crops are extremely valuable as they produce 7-15 extra crops per 3×3 square. They can derive from Cauliflower, Melon and Pumpkin plants. The trick is to put them in giant patches as shown in my farm upload, the bigger the patch the better because that means more chances for them to fuse into a Giant crop. Every day you water them while they’re ready to harvest is a chance to fuse so it is generally wise to leave these 3 plants in the ground for a couple days once ready to collect.
  • To water plants WITHOUT harvesting them just move your cursor to the corner and hold the left click/use button(NOT THE RIGHT CLICK/Interact BUTTON) and then charge your watering can as you need to.
  • When harvesting mid-season and planning to re-plant in that area you can have you seed equipped and hold Right-click/Interact and you will harvest and plant the new seeds all in one action! a HUGE time saver. This also works for containers like Kegs and Mayo but you use the left click/use button instead so you dont try to eat the thing you’re holding every 3 seconds.
  • As you harvest plants and pet/milk/collect animal products you gain farming level. This reduces the amount of energy it takes to water or use a hoe, increasing the time you have access to in your day. Several meals like Hashbrowns, Complete Breakfast and Farmer’s Lunch will increase your Farming skill and allow you to do more work in a single day. Great for day 1 of a new season!
  • You can Keg or Jar most Foraged items but they are likely going to be much less valuable than what you can grow on your farm. Notable foraged items for artisan are Truffles(requires pigs), Crystal Fruit, Coconut and Cactus Fruit. Get the Botanist profession at level 10 Foraging to always pull iridium quality Foraged items.(Yes, even truffles)
  • Place an indicator Keg outside of your Greenhouse/Sheds and fill it after you fill the inside so that you know when the kegs/jars inside are finished. Very helpful so you don’t have to check every day.
  • If your farm is low on space, place kegs and plant trees in the Quarry or Desert. Fill these kegs with fruit to turn into wine(7 day turn around) and have an indicator keg in your farm to let you know when the wine is done. You can plant trees anywhere in town by tilling the ground and planting the seed there, they can then be tapped like normal once they’re fully grown.
  • For casks you want to gather 189 casks(you get 33 when you obtain the cellar) and 189 starfruit wines. Load every cask with wine as you exit the cellar and completely fill your basement to double that profit to well above 1 million gold every 56 days.
  • Tap trees early in spring for Oak Resin(Kegs) and Maple Syrup(Bee hives). You can tap trees at the Quarry if you sow the ground first.
  • The best time to collect animal products is after 6pm since the cows/goats won’t try to run. You can still pet an animal while its sleeping by running into its feet and right clicking. This will bypass the ‘Animal is sleeping’ text and give you the heart. This is also helpful for milking at night when cows might overlap. Petting and milking/collecting products will increase your farming skill and the animals happiness, giving you higher quality or “Large” products.
  • You only need 3 mayo/cheese machines and about 3-4 oil makers to have 1 building for each ‘type’ of animal used in artisan products. Sheep/Rabbits are generally not worth it given the investment for artisan farmers, they are more for ranchers. You do need a rabbits foot for the community center, although cloth is not really used for much of anything so 1 rabbit should suffice.

Ancient Fruit vs Starfruit: Patch 1.1 G-G-G-G-G-Greenhouse Showdown!!

The two most profitable fruits in the game will leave you with a tougher choice of what to put in your Greenhouse

  • A – Ancient Fruit – Keg(!GH!) – 1650g/7d – Takes about 23 days with Dx-Gro, harvest every 7 days. Put in seedmaker until you have enough Ancient fruit to satisfy your laziness. I have about 10 right now, may add more as time passes.
  • A – Starfruit(Desert) – Keg(!GH!) – 2250/7d – Takes 11 days with Dx-Gro, costs 400g per seed packet+80g for Dx-G. Fruit nets you 750g for regular so almost 300g profit

So the math is pretty solid on this one, even if it’s not so obvious at first glance. After the nerf to gold amount for Ancient fruit(550g current vs 750g old) and Starfruit(750g current vs 800g old) still left a gap between the two competitors. In the end, Starfruit will yield you more money early but Ancient fruit again takes over in profit even with the patch 1.1 values.

Example: A plot of 20 Starfruit will yield you about 110k PROFIT(wine, minus ~19k for investment) if planted 2.5 times in a 28 day period where 20 Ancient fruit(fully grown, always producing fruit for a whole season) will yield you about 132k of PURE PROFIT(wine) for the same 28 day period. Since Ancient fruit is pure profit after initial harvest you can eventually get a large crowd of Ancient fruit BUT you still want enough Starfruit wine to make sure you can fill 189 casks every 56 days.

Eventually you can self-sustain most of a greenhouse with mostly Ancient fruit, only needing about 3 dozen Starfruit plants for your casks, harvesting your Ancient Fruit every 7 days and watering yourself if you want to maximize space. You could just go crazy with starfruit in summer and save it all year round then run 100% Ancient fruit in your GH but that will take quite a bit of time.

For Starfruit you want to use Dx-SpeedGro in the Greenhouse to grow them faster and allowing you 5 harvests in the 56 day (2 season) period. Growing a buttload of Starfruit in the summer should also sustain your kegs/casks throughout the season if you decide to fully switch over to an Ancient Fruit Greenhouse.

Starfruit is still the only wine you should put into casks as the growth margin is enormous for the same amount of time invested.

Every time my Greenhouse full of Kegs spits out wine it sells for 200k gold for the 65 kegs I have in there. Giggity.


Hops has the highest increase in price from crop -> product and is one of the most profitable around.

Some quick math for the hops, if you plant 50 on d1 summer you will harvest 900 hops for the summer. Putting all those into kegs takes the selling price of them from 22.5k to 270k once you process them all. The turn around is also only 2 days for Pale Ale so you can just hang on to hops if you’re worried about having dry spells during the winter OR just to fill space between doing starfruit/ancient fruit wine.

Hops are still an amazing investment for summer year 1 HOWEVER don’t over do it and have 900 hops, only a handful of kegs and no other gold… hops only sell for 25-50g a pop where pale ale sells for 300g each. If you’re worried about not having pumpkins or cranberries for fall, make sure to not go in DEEP on hops. Just get what can sustain you through the fall/winter/spring. 20-30 is a good number that won’t take up too much time and still leave you with ~500 hops to keg over the off season. Or grow about 5-10 of them in your greenhouse for cash year round.

This is all subject to personal opinion of course, not everybody wants to grow hops and conversely not everybody wants to grow things other than hops during the first summer. Tough choice but i never skip out on melons y1 as they’re still the 3rd most profitable wine.


Use these two to increase quality or speed up the harvest date of your most valuable crops.

I generally use Speed-Gro for everything that gets any sort of benefit, especially considering the quality of the crop does not do anything for the quality of the artisan product. There are several tricks you can use to get the most out of your available space for farming.

For example this spring i did those huge sections of rhubarb and 3 giant patches of Cauliflower. Anyway, after i harvested my Speed-Gro Rhubarb(grew in 11 days instead of 13) two times i still had time to fill every plot with Kale and rake in another harvest without having to buy more Speed-gro or till the dirt.

Really the only thing you need to use Fertilizer on is the Sweet Gem Berry(Rare Seeds from the Travelling Cart) because those do not turn into any artisan product and sell for a substantial amount if gold quality.

Hmm… I should probably get rid of those paths between my cauliflower for the melons next season lol. Always room to improve!


Sometimes the extra money isn’t worth it for the extra time invested.

Most times it is pretty clear cut which you should use. Most fruit should be turned into wine and any vegetable worth its salt can be put in kegs too for good juice(PUMPKINS, YEEEAAA!) but sometimes the amount of time invested doesn’t increase the price by enough of a margin. This is almost always noticeable with fruit.

Heres a quick example and one of interest to me since cranberries got nerfed from 130g to 75g when sold… a pretty substantial reduction for a fall staple.

  • Cranberries — Keg = 225g/7d — Preserve Jar = 200g/3d

With the old 1.0 values these 2 end products had a much larger gap(K-390g vs PJ-310g) but it was, and still is, more sensible to make cranberries into jelly and save your kegs for the hops, melons, and pumpkins you’ve been growing in summer 1 and fall 1. Still a good idea to grow some cranberries as they’re very profitable BUT other crops are going to be significantly better, even with getting multiple berries per harvest.


Time to show you the values for each crop and some thoughts and guidance.


I focus on Cauliflower and Rhubarb for the big bucks, did Cauli, Kale and Strawberries year 1:

  • A – Ancient Fruit(Sp+Su+Fa) – K – 1650g/7d Plant on day 1 spring (year 2) OR just plant in GH for max profits.
  • B – Cauliflower GIANT – ? – K (393g/2d) or P (400g/2d) – 10d w/ Dx-SpeedGro, can water for 2-3 days after for extra chances at giants.
  • X – Coffee (Sp+Su) – Keg only – (1d/150g) – NO ARTISAN BONUS, too much work.
  • X – Garlic (year 2+) – PJ – 170g/3d
  • X – Green Bean – PJ – 130g/3d
  • D – Kale – PJ – K (250g/3d) or P (270g/3d) – 4d (w/ Dx-gro) Somewhat valuable but lots of work
  • X – Parsnip – PJ – 120g/3d
  • E – Potato – PJ – 210g/3d – 4d (w/Dx-Gro), Just do Kale instead
  • B – Rhubarb (Desert) – PJ – 490g/3d vs 660g/7d (Keg) – Very lucrative. If you have free Kegs do that instead but you shouldn’t have free kegs.
  • C – Strawberry – PJ – K (360g/7d) or PJ (290g/3d) – Great in Greenhouse until you get reliable starfruit funds. Decent for y2 spring but Rhubarb are simply a better crop. I still have about 15 in my greenhouse right now, they’ll be phased out for Ancient fruit as i get more.


I focus on Melon patches and Starfruit on sprinklers then Hops and Red Cabbage everywhere else:

  • D – Blueberry – PJ – K (150g/7d) or PJ (150g/2d) – 3x per plant on 4d harvest, nerfed from 80g -> 50g in patch 1.1, making hops even MORE worth it now than before
  • X – Corn (Su+Fa) – PJ – 150g/3d (DO NOT MAKE INTO OIL UNLESS NEEDED)
  • B – Hops – K – 300g/2d – Dx-G on Summer day 1 each trellis grows 18+ hops
  • E – Hot Pepper – PJ – 130g/3d
  • B – Melon GIANT – K – 750g/7d (vs 550g/2d in jar) – 10d w/ Dx-Gro. can water for 2-3 days after for extra chances at giants.
  • D – Radish – PJ – 230g/3d – 3 day Dx-Gro after planting
  • B – Red Cabbage (year 2+) – K – 585g/3d – 5d w/ Dx-G Extra work but high profit
  • A – Starfruit (Desert) – K – 2250g/7d – 11d w/ Dx-Gro (PJ-1550g/3d) *Nerfed from 800g to 750g per fruit in 1.1)
  • X – Tomato – PJ – 170g/3d
  • X – Wheat (Su+Fa) – K – 200g/2d – 3d w/ Dx-G. Too much work for profit


I focus on Pumpkins, Sweet Gem Berry and Yams w/ Cranberries on Sprinklers:

  • C – Amaranth – PJ – 350g/3d – 5d w/ Dx-G – Just grow Artichoke in year 2
  • B – Artichoke (year 2+) – PJ – 370g/3d – 5d w/ Dx-G – seeds costs 50g less compared to Amaranth
  • D – Beet (Desert) – PJ – 250g/3d – 3 day Dx-G – Too much work for profit, Useful for sugar in the mill
  • D – Bok Choy – PJ – 210g/3d – 4 day crop. Good for fast cash, bad for investment.
  • C – Cranberries (2x per plant on 5d harvest) – PJ – K (225g/7d) or PJ (200g/3d) – 1st fruit after 4 days w/ Dx-gro. Nerfed from 130g to 75g per fruit in 1.1
  • X – Egg Plant – PJ – 170g/3d
  • D – Grape – ? – K (240g/7d) or P (210g/3d) – Weirdly bad for wine or jam in this game lol.
  • B – Pumpkin GIANT – K – 720g/3d (PJ = 690g/3d) – Pops on 11d with Dx-Gro, can water for 2-3 days after for extra chances at giants.
  • A – Sweet Gem Berry – NO PJ or K – Dx-Fert for quality = big money, buy from Travelling Cart – DO NOT SEED MAKER
  • C – Yam-? – K (370/2d) or P (360/23) – 7d w/ Dx-G (3 harvests), Good if you have space with only 8 days left in fall


Most are not worth it but i list them here for posterity. Crystal Fruit is pretty good for y1 winter.

  • X – Blackberry – PJ – 90g/3d
  • C – Cactus Fruit-? – K (225g/7d) or P (200g/3d)
  • C – Coconut – ? – K (300g/7d) or P (250g/3d)
  • B – Crystal Fruit-? – K (450g/7d) or PJ (350g/3d) – Great return for 100% free fruit. Sells for 300g(iridium) as is.
  • D – Fiddlehead Fern – K – 202g/3d
  • X – Salmonberry – PJ – 60g/3d WHATEVER YOU DO. DON’T PUT THEM IN A KEG
  • C – Spice Berry – PJ – K (240/7d) or P (210/3d*)


Trees are not terribly worth it but they’re “Free” gold after a year or two. Apple/Pom trees can tackle both community bundles:

  • E – Apricot – PJ – Spring – 150 (3d) – Keg same price for 7 day wine
  • D – Cherry – PJ – K (240g/7d) or P (210g/3d)
  • D – Orange-? – K (300/7d) or P (250/3d)
  • C – Peach – K – K (420/7d) or P (330/3d)
  • D – Apple-? – K (300g/7d) or P (250g/3d)
  • C – Pomegranate – K – K (420g/7d) or P (330g/3d)


The highest value wines yield the largest price increase for time invested

This is more or less what i did with my casks as i made them, slowly, painfully with the hardwood i could get from the secret woods… As you approach the 125 ‘max efficiency’ amount of casks(where you can still walk around and collect them all) stick a bunch of gold star cheeses(takes 7d to reach iridium) in there until you can get the 189 max cask amount filling them with Starfruit, Ancient Fruit or Melon wine as you exit the room. You then let it sit for 2 seasons(56 days) until they double the base value of the wine(Triple the base value of the fruit). They are ready once an iridium star appears on the barrel. Casks will not age products unless they are in the cellar.

While ancient fruit has the best returns/day for regular wine, Starfruit wine is realistically the only thing you should be locking in a basement for 2 seasons. Cheese/Ale are still decent as you gather your 189 casks(1 hardwood per cask).

  • A – Starfruit wine- 2250g regular. 4500g iridium quality.
  • B – Ancient Fruit wine- 1650g regular. 3300g iridium quality.
  • C – Melon wine – 750g regular. 1500g iridium.

For some quick napkin math, 189 casks of starfruit wine will sell for 850k gold after reaching iridium.

HONEY (and Mead)

Honey is a great way to make some set and forget money with those leftover reg sprinklers

Any artisan will tell you that honey is good currency since you have to do absolutely nothing all season except for planting a couple of flowers and going to collect your cash every 4 or so days. Remember that one flower can service multiple bee hives within their 4×4 diamond. You should only be planting the following flowers for max profit. Bee hives do not function inside the greenhouse, nice try!

  • C – Blue Jazz – Sp – 200g – 5d w/ Dx-G
  • B – Poppy – Su – 380g – 5d w/ Dx-G
  • A – Fairy Rose – Fa – 680g – 9-10d w/ Dx-G
  • X – Mead – 200g/3d – Do not turn any flavored honey into mead. It is all either the same price or more valuable as honey and kegs are better off doing other more lucrative things.


Having Chickens, Cows and Pigs on your farm can be profitable if you have the time

Almost all the animal products are worth turning into their artisan end product. The only ones that do not really follow this rule are Duck Feathers, Dinosaur Egg, Rabbit’s Foot, Wool if Iridium Quality. Also, Truffles sell for quite a large amount at iridium quality if you have lvl 10 foraging(Botanist) but not level 10 farming(Artisan).

Animals may seem like too much work but once you get their friendship high enough the iridium quality animal products and gold/iridium quality artisan products yield a sizable profit over the investment.

Quality of animal products will not effect the quality of the aritsan product. Large Eggs, Large Milks and Large Goat Milks will produce gold quality mayo and cheeses respectively.

  • Cow – Cheese – 200g reg, 300g iridium – Milk once a day. Large milk makes gold Q cheese.
  • Goat – Cheese – 375g reg, 750g iridium – Milk almost every day. Large milk makes gold Q cheese.
  • Pig – Truffle – 1250g iridium quality – with Foraging skill Botanist you will always pull iridium quality truffles which beats out non-artisan Truffle oil. Truffles themselves do not receive the Artisan bonus.
  • Pig – Truffle Oil – 1065g reg, 1490g w/ artisan. Takes ~8 hours, good for winter drought. Oil makers are not cheap. No casks.
  • Chicken – Mayo – 195g reg, 285g gold – Eggs lay once a day. Large eggs become gold Mayo. No casks.
  • Void Chicken – Void Mayo – 275g reg – Lays eggs almost every day. No large eggs so regular chickens are more profitable at max hearts.
  • Duck – Duck Mayo – 375g reg – Eggs almost every day. No gold star Mayo as Ducks will never lay large eggs. No casks.
  • Duck – Feather – 125g reg, 250g iridium – It can also lay egg same day. Based on luck. No artisan bonus.
  • Sheep – Wool – 685g iridium – can be sheered once daily at max friendship. No artisan Bonus.
  • Rabbit – Wool – 685g iridium – Sheds every couple of days like eggs/feathers. No artisan Bonus
  • Rabbit/Sheep – Cloth – sells for 470g or 658g w/ artisan bonus. Takes about half a day to make.
  • Rabbit – Rabbit’s Foot – 565g reg, 1130g iridium – Can also shed wool. Based of luck. No artisan bonus.
  • Dinosaur – Dinosaur Egg – Mayo – 285g. DO NOT CRAFT IF SILVER+ These are 350g for reg quality which is barely more than the gold mayo it turns into(399g w/ artisan bonus).


Stardew Valley How to Win Fair

Enjoy everybody! I hope this Artisan guide list helps you all get rich and ignore the townsfolk indefinitely for years to come, just like I did! I’ll be around for a bit to update, tweak and get feedback from anybody brave enough to read this whole thing! Either way, i just want this to be useful for people so if something looks awful or is incorrect, let me know and i’ll update it! Cheers!

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