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Starfruit Ruined Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Starfruit

Hey guys,

I don’t know how everyone else feels, but I have basically abandoned every other avenue of revenue via crops or animals to use starfruit because they are immensely over priced.

I feel like this really ruined the gaming experience for me, since it feels silly to focus on anything else. I grow crops for the sake of having a few of each, and producing a few goods of each to complete quests and make special foods. I do the same with animals.

Other than that, I just grow ~100 starfruit with sprinklers and turn it all into Jelly and Wine to sell for $2,000+/unit.

The game has become almost a joke to me for money, I’m making over $20,000 a day average with minimal effort when I used to think $3,000 was a pretty good daily average. I actually had to save up for big purchases.

I actually really DON’T like that this happened, it makes the game feel sort of cheap now.

Not sure if something will come by soon that needs me to have $500k + but it makes me upset that starfruit is so highly priced.

I honestly would like to see it dropped to slightly above melons or something to balance the game.

Does anyone else feel this way about it?

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