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Stardew Valley: The Cave

Stardew Valley Cave

Mushrooms vs Fruit Bats

Stardew Valley Mushrooms vs Fruit Bats

When you can earn 25,000G in Stardew Valley, on your farm will be a man whose name is Demetrius, he will offer you to transform the cave into something useful. There will be a choice between fruit bats or mushrooms to the cave. None of these options will make a significant change for you, but most likely one of them will be more useful to you than the other.

Fruit Bats

Stardew Valley Fruit Bats

If you choose Fruit Bats, the result will be that sometimes fruits such as apples, peaches, berries or cherries will fall from bats into the cave. The items themselves are not difficult to get, but they will be useful to you in order to make gifts to other villagers. They will not fit you for the basic recipes of crafting, except that you can make wine from them. They can fill the bundles or let them feed and grow fruit trees. In fact, it is the easiest bundles while you feed each season.

Fruits appear randomly every day. Could be a few days something will get, and sometimes can be empty. You will hardly guess what you will get next time, but it is worth checking at least once in a couple of days.


Stardew Valley Mushrooms

When choosing mushrooms, you will have 6 planters in the cave, which will bring you 6 mushrooms in a day. There is a great chance to get rare species, for example with purple caps and morals. All mushrooms are used for the elixir of life, which can be unlocked with combat skills (available at 2 LVL) and with the best subject, which restores full health. To create an elixir you need to take one red, purple, moral, and chanterelle mushroom. Most of them you can find in the depths of the cave or near the wizard’s tower in the forest. They’re not that affordable compared to fruit.

The Pick

Stardew Valley Fruit Bats vs Mushrooms

For myself, I chose the mushrooms. The reason for this was that I have access to almost all the items that fruit bats can give. I’m already creating trees, as well as wild seeds with the seed maker. With mushrooms, I try to get access to their homes to make reservations there with elixirs of life and various other items.

In my opinion, the reason to choose fruit, it is exclusively for gifts to residents, because they are free and most in Stardew Valley they like. And in General, mushrooms seem to be more useful.

You know the pros and cons, so make your pick!

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