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Stardew Valley: Walleye

Stardew Valley Game

If you are a fan of Stardew Valley, then you know there are times when things get boring, and you just want to give up the game. Well, that shouldn’t be the case since there are plenty of fun activities you can indulge in. Farming is great, but you can’t be doing that all the time.

Players have a luxury of options to explore regarding Stardew Valley professions and while at it, your character gets to master certain skills such as foraging, mining and slaying monsters. Furthermore, you can also unravel new and more effective gameplay strategies and even earn yourself more gold and other Stardew bundles.

Stardew Valley Walleye

Mini-games are a great way to go, and you can hardly do wrong in the Stardew Valley fishing mini-game; it’s comfortably the best of the lot. Fish live in water bodies such as in the Stardew Valley forest pond, lakes, rivers, and oceans. A wide variety of fish are available, and they differ not just in price but also in their craftiness. While certain fish make it very easy to catch, others are hard to come by and relatively difficult to catch. Certain fish can only be caught when it rains.

You can exercise your fishing abilities at the various water areas in the game. However, your chances of making a catch are higher at some levels than others. In fact, if luck decides to frown on you, all you’d get for your effort is junk.

Sounds terrible right?

Not quite! Junk can be useful too. If you’ve attained level four fishing skills, then you can recycle junk into a valuable item. Otherwise, you can sell it for a petty amount.

Walleye fish and how to catch them

Stardew Valley How To Catch

A Stardew Valley walleye is a variety of fish that players can catch only when it rains.

A common question people ask is where to catch a Stardew Valley walleye?

The simple answer is you can catch one in lakes, forest ponds or rivers. Walleye fish are quite easy to catch. Always keep in mind the fact that these fishes are only there for the taking when it rains. There is a probability of finding one in a garbage can.

However, you will need to ensure that no one sees you ransacking a garbage bin or that will cost you 25 precious friendship points. One villager that wouldn’t mind seeing you in that act is Linus. Stardew Walleye fish can also be caught in farm ponds if the farm is situated in a forest.

Do I keep or sell my walleye fish?

Stardew Valley Walleye Fish

Walleye fish have an initial cost ranging from 105 to 157 in gold; this variation is accounted for by the different quality of each walleye fish. For those who choose the fishing profession, the initial cost for walleye fish is set at 131 to 196 in gold; an attractive increase of about 25%. Depending on the fish quality, Anglers can profit between 131 to 196 in gold in exchange for their walleye catch.

You can check the “Help Wanted” board during the winter or fall because villagers make random walleye fish requests during this period. Complete a quest of this nature, and you earn yourself 315 in gold for your catch and 150 friendship points with the villager who made the request.

By convention, walleye fish are hated/disliked by most villagers, so you may decide to make one of these three items using your fish.

  1. Maki roll: You will need a fish, one seaweed and one rice. A maki roll gives you a 45-point health boost and earns you a 100-point energy boost. Purchase the recipe for 1,500 in gold at Stardrop Saloon or get it on 21 summers of your maiden year by watching the queen of sauce.
  2. Quality fertilizer: To make this, you are going to need 1 fish and 2
  3. Sashimi: To make this you need only a fish. This boosts your energy by 75 points and gives you a 33-point health increase. Linus will send you the recipe by mail if you build more than three hearts with him.

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