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Stardew Valley – Sturgeon

Sturgeon Stardew Valley

Besides farming and watering plants, breeding livestock, collecting gifts and mining, there are myriads of other activities you can do to relax and have fun. Fishing is a sub-game in the Stardew Valley game. You can go fishing in the ocean, rivers or Stardew Valley Lakes. Some of these fish are quite easy to catch, whereas others, are a little tricky and require some skills and high level of fishing experience.

Sturgeon Location

Stardew Valley Sturgeon Location

The Sturgeon is one of the rarest, most difficult to catch and pricey fish in the game. Unlike other fish, the sturgeon can only be seen during winter or summer around the mountain lake and may sometimes appear on Wednesdays in krobo’s shop, or in front of Adventurer’s Guild. The Stardew Valley Lake is some distance away from the mine, and it houses a lot of amazing fish.

How to Catch a Sturgeon

Stardew Valley How To Catch a Sturgeon

To catch the sturgeon, you need to be an experienced fisherman. Even the most experienced players sometimes find it difficult to catch them. Those who have attained the eighth or ninth fishing level will find it easier to catch the sturgeon. We suggest you use the trap robber since it is widely considered to be the best tool to catch the fish.

It is also recommended you eat something good prior to fishing, as some special dishes improves one’s fishing skills. Some other factors may also affect your chances of success with this fish, for example, your luck on that day and the mood of the spirits. Your slider moves slower simplifying your work and increasing your chances of catching a sturgeon when the spirits are in good moods.

Things you may need the sturgeon for:

  • Restoring the community center: To achieve this, you are expected to complete different bundles which require various items. The fish tank room needs players to complete six different Stardew Valley fish bundles, among which is the lake fishing bundle.
  • It can also be used to make edible items like the SASHIMI dish. This is a highly nutritious food that is loved by all the villagers in Stardew Valley. The dish improves your energy by seventy-five and adds to your health 33-Points.
  • Maki-Roll: This is one of the most nutritious foods you can ever have in the game. It can boost your health by forty-five alongside one hundred points of energy.
  • Also, it can be used to make a better-quality fertilizer which improves on your soil’s nutrients giving you a chance to obtain high-quality farm produce.

Thinking of what to give as a gift in Stardew Valley? The sturgeon can be given out to NPCs who seems to appreciate it pretty much and not to anybody else. This is because other villagers may not like such a gift.

The Sturgeon can also serve as a good source of gold; the fish sells well in the market. You can sell it for two hundred to three hundred in gold. The price may increase to four hundred or four hundred and fifty in gold if you have great fishing skills.

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