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Stardew Valley – Wishlist

Stardew Valley Wishlist

During my playthrough of SV I’ve been adding on to a list of ideas, this is the compiled version.

A must for me:

  1. auto/quickstack function!!
  2. chest labels

The rest: I would love to see new ways to play and the sole developer is doing the best job ever, this is more of a wishlist

Things going wrong on your farm: (with a low chance of happening of course, just to break the routine every once in a while, still has to be fun)

  1. snails eating your crops
  2. fox stealing eggs
  3. stork stealing from your pond
  4. barn owl
  5. troll in cave
  6. flooded soils
  7. overheat
  8. sick animals
  9. mice or rats

More pet interactions!

  • cats should occasionaly fish something up in the pond
  • dogs should dig something up
  • friendship building
  • environmental interactions

Animal variants + breeding: (including special types)

  • cow: black, white, brown spotted, fluffy(gives wool), golden(always a golden star?)
  • duck: white, brown, golden
  • rabbit: white, black, golden
  • goat: white, gray, black, fluffy(wool), golden
  • sheep: black, horned, golden
  • pig: black and white, fluffy(wool), golden
  • chicken: black, golden

New farm animals


  • goose (eggs)

  • donkey (milk)

  • peafowl (feathers) peahen (eggs)

  • llama (wool)


  • silkworm (silk)
  • turkey (feather)
  • fish/frog pond (bait and for fishing)
  • buffalo (milk)


  • new type of collection
  • also has a use as bait or crafting options

Wild animals: don’t know what the purpose would be, but I’d like to see a deeper woods pathway and some forest interactions (and secrets!)

  • seasonal:
  • wild boar: fall
  • wild deer: spring
  • wild moose: winter
  • common:
  • raccoon
  • badger
  • hedgehog
  • rare:
  • bears

Improved mines and combat system: (combat should still be pretty simple)

  • dodge ability (having a dodge ability adds more depth in combat and creates an opportunity for new mob design)
  • mob variety
  • more character equip type slots (pendant, armor, helm)

other ideas:

  • running faster on cobblestone and other road types!!
  • having outside decorations and furniture

what I’d like to see more from:

  • monster farm types and mythical crops
  • things to build and restore in town
  • secrets
  • epic quests
  • heart quests (some characters lack depth)
  • spouse interactions


Stardew Valley How to Win Fair

I’ve seen some ideas for animal competitions and I think this is exactly what the game needs as an endgame. To add on to this, there also needs to be a vegetable and fruit weighing competition. Maybe give some new crop stats to make it work. (as not everyone keeps animals in their farm)


  • horse race
  • livestock prize animals
  • combat arena
  • fishing
  • cooking
  • vegetable and fruit weighing

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