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“Aurora” and her radiation – Subnautica

Subnautica Aurora

Guidance on how to fix the generators “Aurora”


“Aurora” was sent with the mission of creating a phase gate in Ariadne’s Sleeve. In order to arrive at the target, they had to maneuver around the planet 4546B, which is also the last known point of the “Degas” ship’s stay, and the latter is the lost merchant ship of the Mongols. The secondary goal of the Aurora was to find out the destiny of the Degas crew, as it was said in the documents of the Alterra: “Finding out the fate of the crew would help us to establish relations with the Mongolian consuls.”

However, in an orbit in the Aurora, an unknown energy pulse was released, after which the Aurora had to make an emergency landing on the planet 4546B, which was not soft enough … The impulse hits engines and was cause of explosion, which damaged drive core and started to spread radiation, but the analysis says that this is not all, and soon there will be an another explosion…

Want list

I think it’s not a secret for anyone that having swam to the “Aurora” you will die from radiation for 10-15 seconds.

In order for the radiation to dissipate, we first need to repair the drive core. After that, the radiation will disappear from the environment through the game 3 days and 10 hours.

While you are mining the things described below, there will be an explosion. If you have not got the right things yet, finish and go to repair. I recommend that you also grab a laser cutter to immediately investigate the Aurora completely.

In order to go on repairing the drive core we will need:

  1. Welding machine
  2. Anti-Radiation Suit
  3. Seamoth or at worst a sea glider.
    (Optional: Scanner and Laser Cutter)

Welding Machine

  • Welding Machine
  • The easiest part of the quest, we need:
  • Magnesium (3 pieces salts)


Titan (it can be extracted from scrap or limestone):

Combustible (pieces of food in the homes of “Boombers”):


Eat in home:

Anti-Radiation suit

To create anti-radiation suit, we need to:

  • Lead: creates a piece of silver and 3 pieces of copper.
  • Costume: created from 2 pieces of lead and 2 pieces of silicone (2 pieces of quartz)

On the approach to the “Aurora”

Radiation is not the only danger on the way to the ship, you meet Reapers:

If you hear a roar, press the pedal into the floor. He will catch your Seamoth and hurt him very much, well, you can not escape from him and he will eat you in two claps. But in any case, just swim as high as possible, preferably directly on the surface of the water.


Swim from the nose, through the frame. From the nose, as you can see, only he stayed. And look down, sometimes Reapers still swim to hunt a little closer to the sides.

In “Aurora”

As soon as you swim in front of you immediately there will be the way you need. But if the research spirit of curiosity has finished you, look for boxes with supplies.

On the “Aurora” everywhere will be the crawling sliders, although they are scavengers (as well as bloodletters, but they also like living things to eat), they will still be happy to bite you. Died with 3 knife hits, attacked with a jump.


Passing through the corridor, you will see the reactors. (On the main panel can be removed to improve the “Cyclops” which reduces power consumption)

Each reactor will have several holes (in the amount of 11). During the repair, you will be prevented from bleeding (I advise you to pick up the stasis of a rifle, which of course you will not have by that time.) So wave with a knife, kill them before They will get in touch with you.) When the repair is completed you will be informed that all radiation will erode in 3 days 10 hours. At the end of the period you can safely walk around the Aurora and its surroundings without an antiradiation suit.

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