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Subnautica Compact Bases

Subnautica Base

Small bases to suit all of your needs.

Base One

This one consists of a hatch, a single compartment (I chose to use glass), and a few other components. It looks great and serves as a better life pod. (I saw this in another guide)

Base Two

For this base, I improved the corridor base. Instead of a I-Corridor I used an X-Corridor. (I saw this on countless videos and floating around on steam) It is a really nice starter home, because it has extra room for food growing/modules.

Base Three

This base uses the Multipurpose Room to fit everything needed by a player into it. (I saw this one absolutely everywhere) Its water filter eats power quickly, so I included a lot of solar panels.

Moonpool Base

I noticed all of these lacked a moonpool, so I thought about putting all of your modules and food production in one moonpool. A hatch is not required because you can swim in the bottom. (I can’t be the only one who thought of this.)

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