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Cuddlefish Egg Locations – Subnautica

Subnautica Cuddlefish

This is just a quick list of the cuddle fish egg locations in subnautica, because I find it hard to find straight answers for the locations. To be clear: there are FIVE (5) cuddlefish eggs that spawn naturally in the subnautica map. I found them all in my main survival save and as soon as I found the fifth one, I decided to make this list. And yes, this information is up-to-date with the full release, which means that there should not be any major updates which would make this guide outdated. If there are any updates like that, I’ll fix the guide ASAP.

Egg 1 (Deep Grand Reef)

Spoiler alert for how to access a precursor cache facility in the Lost River.

One cuddle fish egg can be found in the Degasi Base in the Deep Grand Reef. This is also where you’ll find the Orange Tablet, which you will need to access the location of egg 3 in the Lost River.

Footnote: I know that in the above screenshot it says it’s from early access 2017. I can assure you that the egg is still there in full release, it’s just really hard to find screenshots.

Egg 2 (Dunes Sinkhole)

The egg location is the dunes sinkhole, NOT the dunes impact crater. This one is a bit tricky. Lots of people think that the Dunes Sinkhole is the same as the Dunes Crater. I’m here to clear that up for you.

The Dunes Sinkhole is very close to a reaper leviathan, and it has two large thermal vents inside it, surrounded by several small vents. The egg can be found next to the glowing plant between the two large thermal vents. To make sure you know the difference, here are screenshots (sorry for bad quality) of the Dunes Sinkhole. These two photos below are the Dunes Sinkhole, the actual location of the egg.

Above: Image of the Dunes Sinkhole, with two visibly distinct large thermal vents.

Below: Image of the vents inside the Dunes Sinkhole. There are two large vents surrounded by several small vents.

The egg’s location is between the two large vents pictured above. The egg is not visible in the photo.

I’m going to repeat this many times: The Dunes Impact Crater is Not The Location of the Egg.
To make sure that you know the difference, here are screenshots of what the Dunes Impact Crater looks like.

Above: Image of the Dunes Meteor Impact Crater (this is not the location of the egg.)

Below: Image of the meteor at the center of the crater (still not the egg location.)

Egg 3 (Lost River Cache)

This egg is not in the main research facility, but in the precursor cache located elsewhere in the Lost River. The cache entrance is located in the part of the lost river that appears to have vines covering the walls, and as you go through the tunnels you can arrive at a large, thick-boned skeleton that looks almost like armor (screenshot below.)

To disable the force field blocking the entrance to the cache on the other side of the skeleton, you will need the Orange Tablet, which can be found in the Degasi base located in the Deep Grand Reef (this is where egg 1 is found.) Once you have disabled the force field, the egg will be sitting on a probe table inside the cache room.

Eggs 4 and 5 (Mushroom Forests)

Here’s where a lot of confusion about the number of eggs comes in. On the wiki it says that the fourth egg is in the caves underneath the giant mushroom tree in the mushroom forest. A lot of people don’t realize that there are TWO giant mushroom trees, one in EACH of the mushroom forests.

The Western Mushroom Forest is the one that is bordered by the dunes and the Northern Blood Kelp Zone. The Eastern Mushroom Forest is bordered by the Koosh Zone (AKA the Bulb Zone.)

In each forest you will find a giant mushroom tree, and if you swim around the base of it you will eventually find entrances to the cave systems underneath both separate trees. The system in the Eastern Mushroom Forest is larger, and the way to find the egg is to just keep following the caves to go deeper and deeper (downward) Every time you go downward, make sure you LOOK below you, as you will end up descending right on top of the egg (which may be why lots of people miss it)

To help you out, I have a screenshot here of the egg at its location in the Eastern Mushroom Forest, so you know what to look for.

For reference on where exactly the cave entrance in the Eastern Mushroom Forest is, here is a screenshot from the below video taken just as the player is exiting the cave, and you can see how close lifepod 12 is, and in what direction.

I also found this youtube video, in which a person who has already found the first 4 eggs ends up finding the fifth egg in the Eastern Mushroom Forest. I suggest you start watching at 18:12, which is just before she finds the egg but it also gives you a good look of her surroundings so you can see where she is. Thank you for reading! (I’m sorry you have to follow the link instead of clicking the video, I couldn’t figure out steam’s embed function.)

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