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Subnautica Leviathan

We all hate leviathans. Sure they look cool, but there not very friendly. They all seem to gaurd something. The sea dragon for example gaurds the prison. The reaper guards the aurora and the ghost guards the void.

Reaper leviathans

They are located in the dunes, and near the aurora. I believe they gaurd the aurora. It uses echo location, and can snatch a seamoth or prawn. Be cautious that the reaper is echo locative. If you can hear it, be silent and it won’t find you.

Ghost leviathan

They are located in the grand reef, lost river, and the void. The ones in the lost river are the smallest, the ones in the grand reef is medium, and the ones in the void are huge. They cannot grab the seamoth or prawn, but really packs some damage.

Sea dragon leviathan

He is located in the inactive lava zone, and can grab a prawn and seamoth and breath fire. Its bigger than a reefback, and has a bug where he slaps you. I’m not joking. He has a vital weakness, the statis rifle. Because if he guards the prison then you can freeze him, get in, get out, freeze him again, and go back home.

Sea emperor leviathan

Hey man, MAJOR spoilers ahead. She can communicate to you with mental connections, and her baby’s enzyme can cure the carar. She’s the biggest in the game, and there’s only one in the entire subnautica map.


Hope this was helpful, it took me 30 minutes to write this, please like and respond!!!!

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