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A quick and dirty guide to mods! Subnautica

Subnautica Mods

If you’ve completed the game already once (or thrice) they can still make the game quite a bit more enjoyable for another playthrough and if you’re on your first game, they can greatly enhance Subnautica and make it an even better game!

First I’ll tell you how to install them, then I’ll tell you about some of my favourites and what they do exactly.

Part 1

Subnautica Console Commands

Right, in order to use mods in Subnautica you will need to install QMods first. Simply open the .exe, type in the directory of your Subnautica folder (Mine is “C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Subnautica” but yours may differ) and follow the instructions the installer gives you. QMods will then create a folder inside your Subnautica folder called “QMods”. It might need a restart of subnautica to actually create the folder. And then you’re done with the hard part.

To install mods, download them from “link” and place their mod folder into the QMods folder. A properly installed mod folder looks like this.

Be careful, some mods put their mod folder into a folder called QMods in their .zip. Make sure that you place the mod folder into your QMods directory, and not the QMods folder containing the mod folder. Did that make any sense? Just try to make it look like the screenshot above.

Some mods also require you to install SMLHelper. You can install this like any other mod. (Take the mod folder out of the .zip and place it inside your QMods folder.)

Now that wasn’t hard, was it?

Part 2

On to Part 2. I’ll now tell you about some of my favourite mods and a quick summary of what they do. These are just some of my personal favourites, if you have some more you like, feel free to throw them into the replies.

  • InternetsLIVE H2.0 Vibrant Shader DX11 by InternetsLuitjens

This shader makes the game a lot more vibrant and beautiful. I’ve been using this for a week now and turning it off makes the vanilla game look kinda dull now. It has a separate installer and you don’t need to do anything in the QMods folder.

  • Map by Newman55

Adds a map to the signal blip section of your PDA, you can either set it to reveal itself only when you have been at that location already, or you can unlock it all instantly. Has some nice settings to configure in the game options. New Biome Map is an add-on to this mod. It adds a biome map with marked distances, radiation zones and cave entrances. Use at your own risk, might contain minor exploration spoilers.

  • MoreQuickSlots by Randy Knapp

Allows a total of 12 quickslots, very useful and simple.

  • SlotExtender by Senna7608

This one is criminally underrated, it adds 4 additional upgrade slots to your seamoth, allowing for some really neat things. (Like 4 Speed boost modules).

  • Upgraded Vehicles by PrimeSonic

Adds new upgrade modules. Speed boost modules will increase your speed in any vehicle by +35%. The Hull upgrade module was modified to actually protect against all damage sources and it’s actually useful now. And you can build a Seamoth / PRAWN Mk II now, wich has 2 speed boost, 2 hull strengthen and 2 power efficiency modules pre-installed so they don’t take up space in the upgrade slots.

  • SeaglideMapControls by Randy Knapp

Sets F to toggle map of the seaglide and Right-Click to only toggle the lights. No more hours of clicking to turn of the damn terrain map!

  • MoreSeamothUpgrades by ahk1221

Adds a depth module mk. IV and V for the seamoth as well as a drill arm module and a thermal reactor. Basically allows you to use the Seamoth in the deep biomes where normally only a PRAWN would survive.

  • Habitat Control Panel by Randy Knapp

Adds a control panel with build in beacon to your habitat construction tool. Allows to change the color of internal and external walls and adds a slot for a power cell in case you need some emergency power for your base.

  • CustomBeacons by Randy Knapp

Set any Beacon Blip to more colors and more awesome icons.

  • AutoSortLockers by Randy Knapp

Adds custom Lockers that automatically sort items when put them into the AutoSorter. Set your own criterias for specific lockers and change their color and stuff. Very nice for people that would like to know where their goddamn copper that they definitely remember having is.

  • Decorations Mod by OSubMarin

Adds a bunch (Actually more like a metric fuckton) of awesome decorations and new plants for your nice little sea base.

  • White Lights by Randy Knapp

Allows you to customize the color of vehicle lights. Just change some values inside the config.txt.

  • ExteriorPlantPots by ahk1221

Adds the 3 standard plant pots, except those ones can be placed outside and filled with water plants.

  • Vehicle Module Fabricator by PrimeSonic

Adds a fabricator that can fabricate all vehicle upgrades. No more running to your moonpool again. Also compatible with other mods that add their own upgrades.

  • Custom Load Screen by Kylinator25

Allows you to use your own image file for the load screen.

  • Base Light Switch by ahk1221

Adds a light switch to your base that will turn off the internal lights. Neat, but not that useful.

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