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How to Tame a Stalker – Subnautica

Subnautica Stalker

Well, this will probably be a short guide, and most of all of you probably know how…. but I don’t care and I’m bored right now – so let’s get to it!

First off – finding a stalker!

Subnautica Mods

Now if you don’t know where the Creepvine Forest is, it is actually quite close to your spawn. Just keep heading forward and you’ll eventually get there!. They like to hang around there and near the ARAURA (Crash – zone) too. Alright, now that you have found and selected a stalker of choice, now you are open to tame it!

Actually TAMING the stalker

So – there are two ways you can do this. The first way is by risking your life every day and going up to a stalker and feeding it live peepers. The second way is a bit easier in my opinion – but it’s really up to the player – is to wander around and find an egg. Now – this still includes danger – because the stalkers get really mad at you when you steal one of their eggs – but it’s quicker.

Method 1

Risking your life every day and shoving peepers in your soon to be pets face

So, with this method, just as the title says it, you risk your life every day to give peepers to a stalker. But remember there is only 2 ways to do this – so choose carefully which one and don’t rage at how much time it consumes. What you have to do is to REALLY make sure that you feed the same stalker every single chance you get – because it can get confusing when there are identical stalkers roaming around. Eventually they won’t attack you as often (Unless there hungry – make sure to keep them fed every day – or then YOU will be there next meal!) and they will VERY SLOWLY make their way and live around your main base.

Method 2

Swimming around aimlessly and picking up a stalker egg and swimming for your life

Now, this is my favorite method – so I recommend you try it, but I don’t really care as long as this guide works! So, I recommend bringing a Seaglide or Seamoth with you because it makes a hasty escape from the VERY mad parents of the egg. Then, once you have done that, build an Alien Containment Unit to put your egg in (I left another pic of the egg so you know what it looks like). Wait 2 – 3 in-game days and out comes your stalker! Now, you can keep it there or let it outside. Remember, if you leave it outside, you will have to feed it peepers and take care of it. I like to do that, because it is a little more fun.


I wanted to add a little bonus section to this – just in case your stalker wanted somewhere to have shelter. Now – this is completely optional – but it adds nice decor to your home, especially if you are conducting research on stalkers. But what I like to do is to build four platforms outside and near your base and completely fill them to the brim with planters. After I have done that, then I fill the planters with creepvine seeds. Once enough have grown, you don’t have to keep going back and forth, you just keep harvesting your own Creepvine seeds! Now, if you REALLY wanna draw stalkers to it, make 1 – 5 creature decoys and slap them in the middle. Now, just a slight warning, these Creepvines seeds will brightly glow orange. I recommend not looking at it – just because it might blind you in-game, I’ve tried it. Trust me on this one.

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