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Making your Seamoth – Subnautica

Subnautica Seamoth

So you have been looking forever to make a Seamoth? Well, look only a little more!


A Seamoth is the first thing that you need to survive in Subnautica. It is a small sub that can transport you to biomes quickly, and defend you from hostile creatures. In this guide, I will show you how to get the Seamoth easily. The Seamoth does not involve any rare materials, just a lot of common ones. What you will need in this guide

  • survival knife
  • O2 tank–1 or 2
  • scanner
  • fabricator

The most difficult tool to get here will be the scanner. It is also the most important. It involves Titanium, and a Battery. In earlier versions of Subnautica fragments were scanned with a ‘Fragment Analyzer’ now the case is you carry around the scanner and scan fragments to get blueprints.

Seamoth blueprint

Before you can make your Seamoth you will need to get the blueprint. The blueprint is made by pointing your scanner at a Seamoth fragment and right clicking. You will need to scan 2-5 fragments to get the blueprint. A fragment looks like a torn up piece of Seamoth.

The Seamoth fragments are found in the safe shallows and the edge of the grassy plateau. They are mostly found in wrecks. To find wrecks, just swim on the edge of 2 biomes for a while and if there is a wreck in either biome, you will find it.

While searching be careful not to go in the direction of the aurora too far, because the radiation will kill you if you don’t have a radiation suit. Also look out for this guy.

He is harmless if you stay a distance away, and as long as you know where the stalker is. Don’t get to close, or approach him at night, because the stalker will attack you dealing 20 damage per chomp and can chomp 1-2 times per attack.

Another thing you will want to look out for are bleeders. They grab your arm and suck blood. You can cut them off your arm with a knife. Bleeders are all over the kelp forest in the new update.

My last word of advice comes from a comment I got on this guide posted by Ashley Coral, she says:

“Another word of warning for the Kelp Forest is that there are mesmers in pretty much every cave. To get out of their trap, just keep trying to look away and swim away.”

If you are having trouble finding Seamoth fragments, you can just look right over the ridge facing the aurora, but BE CAREFUL! Radiation is very dangerous, but also Reaper leviathans are more. They will grab you and kill you 1 hit. They will also grab your Seamoth and drag it around once you make it.

Reaper Leviathan.

Here is a map of the world. You spawn in a random location in the safe shallows(gray area). That is good because that is where most of the Seamoth fragments are found. Be careful of wandering into the Crash Zone, because of Reapers and Radiation. Also the dunes and reef have reapers.

If you press TAB it will open your inventory, and there are menu tabs on the top of the inventory menu. One of them is your blueprints tab. Under it, you will find all your blueprints and the progress to making new blueprints. Once you make your Seamoth blueprint…

Mobile Vehicle Bay blueprint

So once you looked around for Seamoth fragments and made a blueprint now you can go under your blueprints in your inventory menu and hover your mouse over the Seamoth. It will show you what materials you need to craft it, with all the materials you have colored green and the ones you don’t, red.

Well, you can’t craft a Seamoth in the fabricator, but you can on the mobile vehicle bay. You need to craft the mobile vehicle bay in the fabricator under ‘deployables’ but it could not be there, because you could need to make a blueprint for it, soooo… More scanning and searching.

Mobile vehicle bay fragments are found in the kelp forest. While in the kelp forest, watch out for bleeders and stalkers.

Once you have made your blueprint, you will need:

  • 1 titanium ingot (crafted with 10 titanium- look for metal salvage in the kelp forest)
  • 1 lubricant (crafted with 2 creepvine seed clusters- the glowing balls on the kelp in the kelp forest)
  • 1 powercell ( crafted with 2 batteries, each of wich are made with 1 copper and 2 acid mushrooms. Copper is found by breaking limestone in the safe shallows and in the kelp forest. Acid shrooms are the pink and red mushrooms on the ground of the safe shallows.)

Once crafted, it will be displayed in your hot bar if you have space. Hit the numkey that relates to the button on the hot bar. It will deploy and float to the surface. To use the bay, get close and a blue hand will appear that says ” climb vehicle bay ” then press LMB to climb. Press LMB one more time once climbed to use the bay like a fabricator. The exit the bay, aim your mouse away from the crafting buttons and click.

Crafting your Seamoth

You have your vehicle bay, you have your blueprints, now it’s time for making the actual Seamoth. To craft the Seamoth on your mobile vehicle bay, you will need the following:

  • 1 titanium ingot

crafted with 10 titanium. The best way to get the titanium is metal salvage in the kelp forest, then fabricate it into titanium.

  • 1 power cell

crafted with 2 batteries, each are made with 1 copper ore and 2 acid shrooms. Copper is found by breaking limestone outcroppings in the safe shallows, and shrooms are found in patches on the bed of the safe shallows.

  • 1 Lubricant

Crafted with 2 creepvine seed clusters, found on the creepvines in the kelp forest (the little yellow glowing bulbs)

  • 2 glass

made with 2 quarts each. That’s a total of 4 quarts for both glass. Quarts is found in nearly every biome, including safe shallows. It’s the little white/silver crystals.

To craft this Seamoth, go to the mobile vehicle bay with all of these materials and click vehicles—>Seamoth—>then craft by clicking.

Using the Seamoth

To use your Seamoth, approach it and press LMB once the blue hand appears. To get out of your Seamoth press E. When in the Seamoth press RMB to toggle the headlights. DONT BE LIKE MY DAD AND LEAVE ON THE HEADLIGHTS! The lights will suck the juice out of your Seamoth super quick.

Recharging your Seamoth

Unlike a lot of charged items in Subnautica, you cannot press R to recharge it. Instead you have to craft a powercell.


  • 2 Batteries
    • Batteries are made with 1 Copper and 2 acid shrooms. You need 2 batteries.
  • 1 Silicone Rubber
    • Silicone rubber recipe was recently changed to 2 Creapvine seed clusters (little glowing bulbs)

Once you have a Power Cell in your inventory, you can go around to the back of your Seamoth and approach the capsule loaded into the back. Once the blue hand appears and the text ‘switch power cells’ or something of the sort press LMB and your Seamoth is recharged.

Your Seamoth will be damaged by running into things, the HP is shown on the bottom of the HUD when in the Seamoth. You can use a welder to fix your Seamoth

To craft a welder it takes:

  • crash powder (found in those little flower things with a guy inside’s flower once the guy is gone)
  • titanium
  • silicone rubber
  • glass

And there you are ladies and gents, you have just made yourself a personal submarine. I hope you like this guide, it is my first, please rate up and fave it!

Have fun with your new BFF! Here are my good times before my current Seamoth got destroyed by a bone shark.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!

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