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How to Become Extremely Terrified of Water – Subnautica

Subnautica Water

What to do to make yourself want to avoid even drinking water!

The Guide

Step One: Find harmless looking rabbitrays.

Step Two: Scan them. Read that they have POISONOUS FLESH!

Step Three: Search safe shallows caves for loot.

Step Four: Get blown up by crashes.

Step Five: Enter kelp forest.

Step Six: Immediately get eaten by stalkers.

Step Seven: Be attacked by one of those blood sucking things.

Step Eight: Go to the grassy plateau.

Step Nine: Get jumpscared by many, many sandsharks. Get eaten.

Step Ten: Be swarmed by biter fish.

Step Eleven: Ride a seamoth toward the Aurora. Get grabbed by a reaper leviathan.

Step Twelve: Go to the glowing mushrooms. Get jumpscared/killed by crabsnakes.

Step Thirteen: Never go near the ocean. Ever.

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