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The Greatest Adventure Map in all of Terraria is here!

Terraria Adventure Map

I wanted to start a real adventurous game but couldn’t find a good map with the features I wanted so over the past few months I have made my own!


Explore a vast and unique landscape.

Each biome has a unique style and look. Some areas look familiar but enhanced, some are totally re-imagined.

Traverse the landscape

Biomes have smooth and logical transitions. No hot deserts running straight into snow. Mountains, lakes, valleys and other features separate biomes. Each biomes is about equal sized as well.

Discover a island with a deep history.

You will discover lost mine shafts, abandoned forts and ancient ruins all over Colbaria.

A full sized desert.

Many maps have a small or even no desert. Colbaria’s vast sands hide all sorts of secrets.

A truly deep and dark jungle!

The jungle as is it should be. A overgrown mysterious place. Some areas more dangerous than others!

Underground cabins 2.0.

Cabins are unique to each biome. Here is a cabin hidden in the underground jungle.

Beware the mountains.

These ancient peaks are filled with mineshafts and collapsed tunnels, derelict buildings, and hidden treasure.

The crimson volcano.

Fight the Brain of Cthulhu atop an active volcano!

Hidden areas galore!

Discover the ancient underwater temple. Traps and treasure alike fill these halls.

Cross the corrupted sands.

The corruption is a massive barren desert filled with underground caves.

Boss arenas included.

Many areas are designed to give a good arena to fight different bosses.

The first dungeon.

Deep in the halls of Rusted Company. Can you survive the night?

Complex traps.

Many rooms and halls, especially treasure rooms have defenses in place to keep them safe. Some are simple, some hard to figure out.

Ascetically pleasing.

The dungeons don’t just have random scattered furniture. You will find living quarters, library’s, workshops and more deep in the dark.

A reworked Lihzald temple.

While the layout remains much the same. Traps and spikes are more intelligently designed and placed and a few new puzzles are inside as well.

Get ready for Hell.

The hardmode dungeon is not for the faint of heart. It will grind on you from start to end. It consists on different areas, each locked with a temple door. You will need 1 key to progress to the next area. Each area has 1 keymold chest in it. Each chest is protected by a unique trap or puzzle.

A look unique to each type of dungeon wall.

From the libraries of the necromancers to the torture chambers of the ragged brotherhood to the lava filled halls of the molten legion, the hardmode dungeon is a beautiful and terrifying place.

Get ready for adventure on the vast island of Colbaria!

Main Features Adventure Map

Here are the features I am including:

  • Large map with expansive unique biomes. A full sized desert. Mountainous snow biome. Expanded oceans. A deep, dark jungle.
  • Biome placement and transition is smooth and logical. The snow biome isn’t touching the desert for example. For hardcore purposes the surface corrupt/crimson biomes aren’t directly touching the jungle.
  • Both crimson and corruption are included. Both biomes are reworked and have a cool unique look individual to each. There are hearts and orbs to break so both bosses and armors can be obtained.
  • 3 Full sized dungeons and a mini pyramid dungeon! There is 1 regular and 1 hardmode dungeon which cant be entered until you kill plantera. There is also a hidden water dungeon filled with endless spawning piranhas and flooding chambers.
  • Intelligent design. The regular dungeon is reworked to give a better sense of progression as you descend. It is visually appealing including lots of unique rooms and areas. There are traps but none of them are cheap instakill traps. The dungeon is designed to wear you down over time not kill you with 1 cheap hit. There are switches for control lights, doors, hidden rooms ect, some obvious, some hidden. Better loot is hidden deeper down and all dungeon items are inside at least once if not more.
  • Hardcore dungeon will eat your face off. It isn’t for the faint of heart and must be unlocked with a temple key. Here there are water candles galore, much less lighting, more frequent and deadlier traps and spikes. There will be puzzles you will have to solve to progress. The key mold chests will only be located in this dungeon and getting to them will not be as easy as other chests in the dungeon. The loot will be worth the extra effort though most items and weapons have decent or even pretty good prefixes. Nobody likes getting broken or annoying vampire knives.
  • Tons of ruins, abandoned forts and other signs of a former civilization.
  • All underground cabins have been reworked to make them match the biome they are in.

Here is the link to the map, it is on curse and now Mega – Link

Please not that this map is is a BETA and I can’t say everything is perfect though I tested it as much as I could. If you find any issues with the map please let me know and I will update it.

Original Link – Continuation of discussion

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