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Best Terraria Mods List

Best Terraria Mods

This list is my personal opinion, please take note of this!

Hello guys! Today i will show you 3 mods that are the best in my opinion and describe them in very simple words! I hope you’ll enjoy


Terraria Calamity Mod

  • 610+ new items
  • 20 bosses (5 prehardmode, 6 hardmode, and 9 post-Moon Lord)
  • Expert Mode boss improvements that serve as incredible challenges
  • 130+ new enemies
  • A new biome
  • The optional ability to buff vanilla and modded bosses as you progress
  • Post-Moon Lord content
  • Ore generation on new world creation
  • An item that spawns in ore and the biome. Drops from a hardmode boss.
  • Recipes for vanilla items that were previously non-craftable


Thorium Mod

  • 1240 new items!
  • 54 new armor sets!
  • 80 new enemies and banners!
  • 90 new tiles, blocks, and furniture!
  • 9 new Town NPCs!
  • 10 new boss encounters!
  • A new biome, the Aquatic Depths!
  • A new multiplayer class, the Healer Class!


Tremor Mod

  • Over 1500 new items – including new armor sets, weapons for each class, accessories, new materials and banners for every mob.
  • 16 new bosses – every boss has it’s own AI, loot, treasure bag with unique expert item.
  • 13 new NPCs – each NPC has it’s own stuff to sell. Many NPCs also sell new things after certain bosses are defeated.
  • 2 brand new invasions – new invasions with new interesting mobs, loot and also with new soundtracks.
  • New Glacier mini biome – a biome that spawns in Snow biome and has new mobs and loot.
  • New ores – some generate in the beginning of the game and some only generate after defeating certain boss.
  • Tremode – Post Moon Lord gamemode with it’s own ores, lots of new content, such as armors, weapons, materials, harder monsters and hard bosses.
  • New alchemist class – absolutely new class with new damage type, weapons, armor and accessories.
  • Hunger System – eat to live, like in real life! Starving makes you die while eating food grants you different bonuses!
  • 10 new soundtracks – amazing tracks for different bosses and events made by Delicious Saturn.

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