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How to slay the Devourer of Gods (DoG) Calamity & Thorium Mods

Terraria Devourer of Gods

How to defeat the DoG in Revengeance mode.


This is a big boss. He is extremely hard to defeat and this battle requires a very long platform that you can sprint across.

You should have the thorium mod for this too. YOU NEED TO KILL THE RAGNAROK IN EXPERT MODE.

An Omega Core is a necessity for this battle.

Easiest weapons to use

Terraria Weapon

By the time you are attempting this guy you should have defeated the Lunatic Cultist, as an ancient manipulator is used to make the omni-bow, the weapon I have used for him.

You create the omni-bow: using Death esccense. Now, in the picture, it says 77, however, you only need twenty to make the omni-bow.

Potions and Armor

Potion List

You will need Omega Healing Potions: as they restore 500 life. Make sure you have at least 750 life before attempting this and at least 1 stack of these potions.

The necessary armor is the tide turners set. again you need to kill the ragnarok to get this as you need ocean esccense: Make sure you get the Depth Helmet, Gaurd and Walkers as when the set button is pressed you are encased in a bubble that turns all damage into health (except debuffs).

And finally, make sure you have an endless quiver so you aren’t constantly in need of more arrows.

The Arena

Using a drill containment unit or high-level drill make a long flat running platform along the ground. It should be 3-4000 blocks long and as flat as possible. make sure you have room to take off before the end of the runway, which should look something like this:


The Fight (Part 1)

Make sure you are aways shooting, as well as making sure your map is in the second part when it is part of the background. Stay ahead of his head (the bit with the horns) and he will not come to the ground. When he does come to the ground sprint past his tail and have a short breather. Then keep running.

Now, when battling him pay attention to the coulor of the sky. This is IMPORTANT. The sky will start off BLUE, which means he is flying, so don’t jump or hover there innocently. He will go ridiculously fast if you are flying and he is and will chase you. His usual damage is about 375-ish and he inflicts the god slayers inferno debuff as well as frostburn. Don’t stop shooting.

If the sky turns PURPLE, RUN. NEVER STOP FIRING THOUGH!! (UNLESS YOU’RE DRINKING A POTION). By now you should be able to use adrenaline, if so, use it. he will lose at least 100 000 health when he is ramming and adrenaline is active. If you reach the end of you’re runway jump up and fly above him just before reaching the end of the runway. Once in the air use your super speed to pass him. Again NEVER STOP FIRING!

The Fight (Part 2)

As soon as the sky becomes BLUE again make sure you are on the ground. Wait for his tail to leave the ground then sprint past extremely quickly. You should do this because when he is bombing you will not be hit.

If you keep this up you should be able to get him to say “Don’t Get Cocky Kid” and two DoTs will spawn (they are his minions). Kill them using the same strategy as for the actual DoG.

If you take any damage use the BUBBLE FIRST as it lasts for ten seconds and only has a 40 second cooldown. if you are hit again use the potions AS LATE AS YOU CAN as they restore so much life.

The Fight (Part 3)

Yep. you guessed it. He comes back. Don’t worry though. He’s only bigger, longer and more dangerous. Thankfully he has far less heath. Oh, and did I mention the lasers?

Yep. Lasers called death. These are hard to dodge and even more dangerous. They come from both sides and up and down. No biggie. Just make sure you don’t – DON’T – get hit. That would be catastrophic. Make sure you stay away from the ends. And the middle. And all those other segments in between. Now. Stay alive. Don’t Get Cocky. And most importantly, GET THOSE COSMILITE BARS!!

Congratulations and Thanks

Terraria Item IDs

If you do manage to defeat this boss good job. You managed to put up with his insulting comments. A pat for you. A cookie for you. A not so rude next boss for you.

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