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Fishing for Crates? Here’s some tips! – Terraria

Terraria Fishing for Crates

Hey there Terrarians! I have recently been fishing for crates to open in hardmode, as is the new tactic now. While fishing, I noticed a few tips and tricks to use, and I thought I could share them with you all! There are a few obvious tricks, and also ones

I came up with.

  1. Fishing Rod – The key here is to get your fishing power to be as high as possible. The Golden Fishing Rod is the highest possible fishing power (50%) that you can obtain pre-hardmode. At a cost of 30 quests from the angler, it is a very useful too to have. If you don’t want to fish all 30 quests, the Sitting Ducks’s Rod is pretty useful as well, with only a 10% reduction in power.
  2. Fishing Gear – This is purely optional, but this really helps when you are fishing. If you plan on getting the golden rod, then you will automatically get the angler armor set. This adds a fair amount of fishing power to your stats, increasing chances of getting a crate. While doing quests, it is possible to get the High-Test Line, Angler Earring, Tacklebox, Sextant, Weather Radio, or Pocket guide. All of these items can be used to increase your fishing power or help you in some way. If you got em, use em.
  3. Potions – Crate potion is obviously a must. If you plan on getting the golden rod, then obtaining potions is not too much of a hassle. I got 25 of each potion stocked up purely from doing 30-35 quests for the angler, and I didn’t have to make any of them. The crate potion can be a little tricky because of the amber, but if you plan on using fossil armor, this shouldn’t be an issue either. Just be sure to use the Alchemy table to decrease chance of ingredient consumption. Fishing potion helps, but is purely optional. My fishing power was always so high, I never needed to use it. Sonar potion is good when you are low on bait. I never used it, however.
  4. Bait – This can be a little tricky to obtain early on in the game. The bait I mostly use is worms or fireflies. Worms can be easily found during rain on the surface, or breaking background rocks on the surface as well. Fireflies can be especially easy to obtain. If you go here and scroll down to tips, it will tell you all the different ways you can collect bait easily. I personally have about 250 fireflies because they spawned so often one night. If I get journeyman or master bait, I will use that. My views on apprentice bait are mixed. Sure, it’s free bait, but it also has a lower power than worms or fireflies, so I usually sell it.
  5. Location – For your fishing hole, make sure it has at least 300 tiles of water in it so you get no power reduction penalty. Also fish somewhere that is relatively safe so you won’t be bothered by hostile enemies. I personally have my lake about 100 blocks off the ground. Enough not to be bothered by ground enemies, but not too high to be harassed by harpies. I have a little box that I stand in over the water, and that basically makes me invincible. Fishing in a biome is optional. You can fish in any biome you want, or you can make an artificial biome near your lake so you can catch biome-related crates. The current crates are Corruption, Crimson, Jungle, Sky, and Dungeon. See here.
  6. Entertainment – Ok so you got your rod, your accessories, your bait, your potions, and our location. Good to go? Well, yes. One thing you will quickly notice about crate fishing is that it is BORING. I mean BOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRING. So, how to keep entertained? You have to be able to reel in fish and cast out again, so afk is out of the question (Unless someone has a solution?) What to do? What I do is watch Youtube videos on my phone while I fish. (It can be done on the same computer I THINK, but I haven’t tested yet.) I noticed that the ambient sounds and the music was really annoying when trying to watch the video, so I turned them off in the Volume settings. MAKE SURE TO KEEP SOUND AT 100%. That way, you can hear the bobber go under the water, and that is pretty much all you hear from the game. Now you can reel and cast without looking up. If you play on a laptop, I have a great tip for you. If you want to watch Netflix, a movie, youtube, porn, whatever, place your phone at the bottom of your screen and watch it with the phone sideways. That way, you are watching the video, but if you need to look up for any reason, you fishing is right above, so it’s super easy to get right back in the game. For desktoppers, I’m not to sure. I have a laptop, so sorry that I have no great tip for you. If you can come up with one, let me know!

Well, that pretty much all I got! Fish as long as you want, as much as you want. My personal minimum is a stack of wooden crates. by that point, I have about 50 iron and 15 or so gold crates. That should easily be enough to get you started in hardmode. I am about to open all the crates I fished yesterday either today or tomorrow, so I will tell you guys what kind of loot you get form a realistic amount of crates. If you have any questions, comments, better tips, leave them below! Thanks for reading and happy fishing!

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