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PS4 Goblin Army Glitch – Terraria

Terraria Goblin Army

I just wanted to state this bug. I know pipe works studio are trying their hardest to help but I wanted to know if anyone else is experiencing this glitch. Every know and again in the chat it states “Goblin army is approaching from the west” I would wait 3-5 minutes and nothing happened. This has happened 3 times now and every time it doesn’t come I haven’t tried spawning it with an emblem. This is on a multiplayer world expert mode and was made after 1.3s launch any help?

Bugs in Terraria

Currently the Multiplayer mode for the PS4 right now is veeeeeery buggy.

  • Goblin invasion will not work while in multiplayer, it will state the initial message (Invading from ___) but never progress from that. Being at spawn won’t fix it. If you need the Goblin Tinkerer NPC for your world the host must wait for/spawn/complete the invasion event solo in single player.
  • Along with the Goblin event, the Meteor landing event does not trigger either while in multiplayer. Again, the host must do it in single player and then host the world if they want to share the meteorite ore.
  • Only the host can open golden locked chests in the dungeon or shadow chests in the Underworld. Anyone else will crash immediately out of the game.
  • The host will crash immediately if they are near the Wall of Flesh while it’s being fought.

Various other bugs that may/may not have been encountered include:

  • Duping enemies: Sometimes killing an enemy doesn’t remove it from the world and you can continuously “Kill” them for more loot and drops. Works with bosses, mimics, just about everything and occurs very often.
  • Invincible enemies: They get hit but lose no health, occurs >50% of the time as host.
  • Extreme frame rate loss in the underworld (Mostly as host, not sure if this is just a problem with the PS4 version as a whole). Tons of frame drops everywhere in the multiplayer.
  • Fairly frequent game crashes

Unsure whether other events work as intended but it’s likely they don’t. Boss summoning items seem to work fine. My friends and I haven’t progressed past The Destroyer in early Hardmode because the MP version is unplayable for us.

I forgot to add:

  • Sometimes effects (projectiles, pets, minions, fishing bobbers etc) will permanently disappear. You have to save and quit to fix it.
  • Host worlds sometimes overwrite client worlds spontaneously.
  • Map data becomes corrupted showing previously discovered areas as black again with pixels spread all over the place – Usually have to restart the game to fix this one

If I can remember more I’ll add them… there’s just so many things wrong with the multiplayer though.

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