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How to beat WoF (Wall of Flesh) In Expert-Mode

Wall of Flesh

A quick guide to help you get to hardmode.

Items Needed

To beat WoF You will need:

  1. HP. At minimum 300HP, 400HP Is recommended for new players.
  2. 60-80 Beenades, A secondary weapon is also good incase you run out of beenades, Would recommend The Bee’s Knees or the Bee gun. (All Dropped by the Bee Queen) Edit: Beenades can also be crafted with Bee Wax and Grenades.
  3. Buffs. Ironskin is prioritised. Hearthreach also helps a lot. Some type of food is also helpful, for the Well Fed buff.
  4. Armor. Full Fossil set, Fossils can be mined in underground desert, 75 Fossils is needed for full set. Molten armor is also an option.
  5. Accessories. Hive pack is a must, Worm Scarf is also good. The rest of the accessories is up to you. The best modifiers would be either +4% Damage or +4 Armor.

Spawning the boss

To spawn WoF You will need a Guide Voodoo Doll. The Guide Voodoo Doll is dropped by Voodoo Demons. They look like the normal demons except that they’re carrying a doll. A Voodoo Demon is slightly rarer than a normal demon. When you kill a Voodoo Demon there’s a 100% Chance for it to drop its doll.

When you’ve acquired your doll all you need to do is throw the doll into the lava. When the doll gets burned your Guide NPC will die and WoF will spawn. So make sure our guide is alive otherwise the boss won’t spawn and the doll will go to waste. The guide respawns at dawn.


In the picture you can see us beating WoF with minecart rails with blocks under them. The blocks are needed so the beenades actually hit the boss. Chappy ran out of beenades so he started using his last- resort weapon (Book of Skulls).

Other info about the boss

In expert mode WoF will get faster when he takes damage. This is why we use minecarts so he cant catch up with us. Note: Lightning boots or Hermes boots with a Swiftness potion can be used instead of rails.

WoF Shoots purple lasers. Try to dodge them by jumping since that’s his main damage.

Good luck

Good luck in hardmode! Remember that there will be new monsters and biomes after you beat the boss, The game will be a lot harder.

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