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How to get infinite Water! (Or any Liquid) – Terraria

Terraria Infinite Water

In this guide, you will learn how to create an infinite water source in Terraria!

(This works with ANY liquid, I just use water as an example).


Step 1: Build a V shape with 3 of any blocks (They must be able to float in the air).

Step 2: Stand on the edge of the V.

Step 3: Take a full water bucket, and place it on the other edge. Hold down your left trigger, and it will place water, and get a full bucket back at the same time, giving you infinite water.

Step 4: Do this as many times as you want!

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I know there’s an infinite water bucket, and that may be more useful to some people, however:

This method works for ALL liquids (Water, lava, honey).

This method requires only a regular old bucket.

Not everyone enjoys fishing, which is a requirement to get an infinite water bucket. This method does not require one.

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