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Movement Accessories – Terraria

Terraria Movement Accessories

Do people still use non-combat accessories? I personally still use Frostspark+Wings even when I have UFO mount and Fishron mount, but I see a lot of people not using Frostspark Boots and some not even using Wings in favor of combat accessories. (And no, I don’t have trouble fitting accessories into the three(four) other slots, because I don’t use a slot on Ankh Shield).


I hate playing without Ankh Shield + Wings + Boots. Sure it takes up 1/2 of my accessory slots (I really only play expert) but the utility provided and the combat stats given (3x Menacing still is a 12% damage increase which is an Avenger emblem in itself – with just 4 accessories I can give myself 28% increased damage, protection from all debuffs, knockback and fire, quick sprint and limited flying.

  • This is indeed interesting. I normally tend to have wings, boots, and ankh shield and go for 5* warding. I will try going for menacing. How do you value +20 def versus +20% dmg?

Whilst pre-hardmode the bosses are pretty easy (in my experience – they just took lots of prep) I could afford to go full menacing, as hardmode started I switched to half menacing, half warding for the extra defense because I don’t believe that you need full warding when the worm scarf exists.

For example, my first expert run’s character had:

  • Menacing Avenger Emblem
  • Menacing Ankh Shield
  • Menacing Frostspark boots
  • Warding Fishron Wings
  • Warding Worm Scarf
  • Warding Flesh Knuckles

I also remember going full lucky (+24% crit chance) in my ranger play through and then getting 61% crit chance without buffs (and up to 81% with shroomite stealth + rage potion) using the Vortex Beater. I did get some pretty big numbers in the fight against the moonlord but I’m not sure if full lucky is worth it.

All-in-all, your accessories really depend on your playstyle/weapons/armour. Mages, for example, need the extra defense but melee characters do not as they are supplied this through their armour.

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