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Playing with the Terraria Overhaul + Calamity + Thorium + Spirit mods


Along with Magic Storage and the checklist mods (for direction), lemme just say, this sh*t is fun as hell. The revised gameplay mechanics from Overhaul + all the content from all the expansion mods + Revengeance mode from Calamity is the most fun I’ve had with this game ever.

Seriously, I recommend it to people who are bored with the vanilla game. Always loved playing the archer archetype in games, but in vanilla, the bow selection was seriously lackluster, and dang if there aren’t some badass new bows in these mods. Cramming all your materials into magic storage and seeing the sheer amount of cool recipes available is great (granted, farming all those gems for magic storage was not fun). Tons of new NPCs lets me flex my village building much more too.

Anyway, that’s it! Just wanted to share my renewed excitement for this game! Just for curiosity’s sake, what mods (QoL or content) do you guys run and consider must-haves? I feel like I got most of the really important ones already.



Here’s a short list of must-haves (IMO at least):

QoL Mods:

  • Helpful Hotkeys
  • Visual Radar (Kinda cheatsy, but it makes the radar items more useful)
  • Inventory Hotkeys (Not a complete must-have, but it’s pretty damn useful)
  • Angler Shop (Truly an underrated gem)
  • Vein Miner (Now you don’t have to break every single ore block and possibly miss one :D)
  • Recipe Browser
  • Wings Slot (Bit cheatsy)
  • JPAN’s Bags of Holding (Helped me to sort my clutter of items, but it is a bit cheatsy)
  • Which Mod is This From? (WMITF)
  • MechTransfer (If you’re into building things with wires and such)
  • Auto Trash


  • AStar Pathfinding (Less stupid AI)

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