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Terraria Player Editor


The Terraria Player Editor (TPE) is an offline character editor for changing a Terraria player file.

The application is available here.

The application is written in Java, so you will need to have that installed on your computer. The file reading and writing parts were written by Alyosha and I did the user interface. We patterned the look and feel after TerrariViewer, to whom we are very grateful.

We realize that there is some controversy over players modifying their character and inventory – especially for use in multiplayer. We can’t address this issue but there are many positive uses for our application. Our goals are to make using this application easy and reliable.


  • Version 1.08: Allows direct entry of color values (RGB)

  • Version 1.08: Chooser dialogs now movable

  • Supports Terraria version 1.1.2

  • Easy to use GUI:

    • Character: Name, Difficulty, Gender, Hair, Colors, Life, Mana

    • Equipment: Social, Armor, Accessories

    • Inventory: All Items, Coins, Ammo

    • Bank & Safe: All Items

    • Buffs: All Buffs, Debuffs, and States (Werewolf, Mermaid, etc.)

    • Item Chooser with images, categories, and word filter

    • Prefix Chooser with images and word filter

    • Buffs Chooser with images and word filter

  • Integration with the online wiki for info on items, prefixes, buffs via a right-click pop-up

  • Optional limits on character settings, item stacks, and prefix limits

  • Written in Java for portability.

Screenshot Album:

Terraria Player Editor v1.07

Terraria Player Editor v1.07 – Character Panel

Terraria Player Editor v1.07 – Equipment Panel

Terraria Player Editor v1.07 – Inventory Panel

Terraria Player Editor v1.07 – Buffs Panel

Terraria Player Editor v1.07 – Buff Chooser

Terraria Player Editor v1.07 – Item Chooser

Terraria Player Editor v1.07 – Prefix Chooser

The structure of the application is intended to allow easy updates in the future. The lists of Items, Prefixes, and Buffs are simple text files. The images are listed in folders so new elements can be easily added. We plan to release updates as soon as possible when Terarria is updated.

If you have any issues with or ideas for TPE, please post them. Note: You will download a “.jar” file. If you have java installed, you run the program by double-clicking on the file. It will start java and run the app.


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