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Best Pre-Hardmode Weapon? – Terraria

Pre Hardmode Weapons

I’m trying to get my stuff ready to defeat WoF, so what weapon is the best in pre-hardmode?

Best Weapons for Pre-Hardmode

Melee: Arkhalis, Night’s Edge, and the Cascade

Mage: Water Bolt and Cursed Skulls

Summon: Imp Staff (I wouldn’t recommend going as summoner for easy mode as there are very little accessories that give more minions)

Ranged: Pheonix Blaster, Minishark, Molten Fury, and the Flamarang

Best Armor for Pre-Hardmode

Pre Hardmode Armor

Melee: Molten armor

Mage: Jungle Armor

Summon: Bee Armor (once again, highly recommend not using this because if the limited amount of minions you will have)

Ranged: Necro armor

Hope this helps!

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