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Simple RPG mod that works with Calamity? – Terraria

Terraria Castle

So I really want to play Calamity, but I am also looking to level up my character. All I want from the leveling is character buffs, from health, to damage, to crit chance, etc. I just don’t want scaling enemies/bosses. I want to be able to reach the point of “overpowered” if I so choose to sink hundreds of hours into grinding. Is there any mod like this? If not, would it be worth it to make one myself? I know visual basic, but unfortunately, I’m not very well versed in C#.


Terraria RPG Mod

Perhaps the mod “Experience and Classes” is something for you?

Description of the mod is:

This mod introduces an RPG-style class and leveling system where all monsters provide experience based on their health, defense, and damage stats. Your current level and progression is presented in a movable UI box. As you level, you unlock various bonuses and progress through three tiers of classes with several choices along the way.

I’m playing mainly mage at my current playthrough so I picked a mage class that does more damage and more crit but lesser defense, there’s another mage class that is more on the defensive side so it also gives choices.

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