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How to get a Slime Staff – Terraria

Slime Staff

A quick guide to show you how to get the slime staff! The slime staff spawns a baby slime to fight for you! Enjoy.


The slime staff is a summoning item that spawns a baby slime to help attack your enemies! I hope this guide helps you learn how to find one!

Drop rate

It has a 0.01 % chance of being dropped by normal slimes and slimed zombies (1:10000), a 0.013% chance of being dropped by a sand slime (1:7692) and surprisingly a 1% chance of being dropped by Pinky (1:100)!


An easy way to farm the slime staff is to set up lots of slime statues over a weaponized system or a thin layer of lava to destroy them! Or set up slime blocks which increase the spawn rate of slimes!

Extra facts

Sell price: 2 gold coins, Recommended Prefix: Ruthless and Mythical.


If you have read this thank you and I hope you enjoyed! I hope you like your new slim pet!

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