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Spelunker Potion – Terraria

Terraria Spelunker Potion

I’ll teach you to fish instead of giving you fish. Or also for others who are interested even if you still prefer to trade for it.

  • Bottled Water 1
  • Blinkroot 1
  • Moonglow 1
  • Gold Ore or Platinum Ore
  1. Empty bottle – make from sand/glass
  2. Water bottle – fill it up near a body of water
  3. Blinkroot – harvest seeds while it is blinking…though from a naturally growing blinkroot underground, I have also gotten seeds when they were not blinking
  4. Moonglow – harvest seeds at night

Plant those seeds into a clay pot, made from clay. Have 10-50 pots, depending on how fast you want items.

After a few days, those plants will be mature, harvest them for more seeds and the herb.

Use an alchemy station (table with potion bottle — also made from glass or taken from dungeon) and make your new potion.

You can do this with other herbs also, except for waterleaf and firebloom. For waterleaf, you can either wait until it rains to get seeds, or grow it in an area with water (but it can’t be under water). The water should just be at the level to be touching the top of the pot.

The firebloom should be in a similar setup but with lava.

Alternatively, you can grow each pot in a small square setup where 1-2 buckets of water/lava will cover it and cause it to bloom and then you can harvest them.

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