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Statues n’ Wire – Terraria

Terraria Statues n' Wire

This guide will teach you about what statues that will work together with wire.

Where to get wire

I’m pretty sure you know where to get wire but if not then to get the mechanic (which is the one who sells wire along with other wiring things) after killing skeletron at the dungeon somewhere in the dungeon she will be down there bonded in ropes.

After freeing her (and make sure you have a spare room) you can buy wire and you need a wrench to place it down, I also recommend getting a wire cutter to if you make mistakes, don’t worry the wire will drop to be used again.

What statues can be helpful and where to find them

So the statues that can be used are Bunny, Slime, Heart, Star, Skeleton, Chest, Mushroom, Bird, Bat, Goldfish, Shark, King, Queen, Bomb, Crab, Jellyfish, and Piranha.

Each statue has its own power and can help you towards goals.

To use them apply wire to each of the bottoms and make sure you have a pressure plate or switch to activate them.

All of the statues will still drop the banners after ever fifty kills.

Now I will tell you what each of them does.

  • Bunny – Spawn’s a normal bunny
  • Slime – Spawn’s a blue slime and will not spawn any other color slime
  • Heart – Spawn’s a heart that will give you 20 hp back
  • Star – Spawn’s a mana star that will give you 100 mana back
  • Skeleton – Spawn’s a skeleton found underground and also will drop hooks, bonesword, ancient iron helmet, ancient golden helmet, and the skeleton head (a vanity item)
  • Chest – Spawn’s a Mimic found in caves (make sure you have strong enough gear for it also it will appear as a normal brown chest nor gold or not any other color)
  • Mushroom – The mushroom statue is very unique and will make a blue glowing arua that can be used as a light
  • Bird – Spawn’s a normal bird not a robin or bluejay
  • Bat – Spawn’s a bat found underground
  • Goldfish – Spawn’s a normal goldfish found in lakes or ponds
  • Shark – Spawn’s a shark found in the ocean
  • King – This will summon any male NPC’s to where the statue is placed
  • Queen – Similar to the king statue but female NPC’s
  • Bomb – Will not summon an activated but the item bomb to use(so basically a infinite bomb supply)
  • Crab – Spawn’s a crab found near the ocean
  • Jellyfish – Spawn’s a blue jellyfish not any other color will drop glow sticks
  • Piranha – Spawn’s a piranha found in the jungle and cave

Most of these statues will be found in underground in those houses you find with good loot or will just be sitting randomly.

In these houses you can find a gold chest with good loot in it like: Magic mirror, Boots of Hermes, Regeneration band, potions, gold coins, ore, bars, and other great things.

Plus there will be normally a painting or two on the walls and maybe a chandelier.

Also, lots of statues can be found in the skeleton dungeon along with gold chests, biome chests, chairs, tables, beds, and other things.


Thank you for reading my guide on how to apply wire to statues and use them for you advantages. This is my first guide to so leave a like! Also if you do use this guide for help tell me how the process went with the statues helping you! Thanks for reading!

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