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What new Tinkerer’s Workshop combinations would you like to see?

Terraria Tinkerer's Workshop

The long crafting trees like the ankh shield or the mechanical glove, or weapon combos like the terra blade, are some of my favorite parts of terraria, so I’d love to see more.

Here are some ideas that I’ve had:

  • Upgrade to the ice boomerang. I’d love to see a Polarang, as a counterpart to the Flamarang. It could inflict frost damage, maybe have it combinable with the flamarang to inflict On Fire as well?

  • More upgrades to the Terra Blade. It’s odd that the influx waver is basically a better version of the terra blade. Maybe include the enchanted sword, starfury, and influx waver? It could be called the Celestial Fury or the True Hero’s Sword

  • Combine the Ankh Shield, hand warmer, and pocket mirror. I always found it odd that the Ankh Shield give immunity to Chilled, even though none of its ingredients do. Add in the pocket mirror too, because fuck medusa. Maybe call it the Mirror Shield?

What are some ideas you guys have?

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